Orly Vardy Releases International CD A Million Love Songs


Orly Vardy, Ofer Hamerman and Paul Robert Thomas Song Collaboration for A Million Love Songs.

In March 2008 the studio producer and composer Ofer Hamerman (now Orly’s husband) contacted the Song Lyricist Paul Robert Thomas after having been recommended to Paul by a mutual studio producer acquaintance (who now owns & runs a studio in Nashville). Ofer asked Paul for suitable lyrics to produce a song from to enter into a Eurovision style song contest being held in Romania that a relative of Orly suggested they should enter. Paul sent Ofer twelve sets of lyrics out of which Ofer chose “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow” to be the chosen lyric to make into the song to send to the song competition and 3 further lyrics would also be turned into great songs – “See the Stars Tonight,” “Tell Me Now” and “I Can’t Help Thinking of You” and by the beginning of April the first song of this collaboration “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow” had been recorded. Further songs were recorded from Paul’s lyrics as their catalogue of songs continued to grow and in November Orly flew to Romania to sing one of their new songs “If You Could Have Loved Me” live on a Romanian TV show.

By January 2009 they had entered a song into the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland but eventually weren’t chosen and they continued towards their aim of completing an international album using Paul’s lyrics with Ofer’s music and Orly’s great vocals.

On 18 June 2009 Orly and Ofer got married and as a surprise to Paul Orly performed a brand new song “My Angel” live at her wedding, the first time that Paul had heard the finished song which he wrote the lyrics for after being inspired by a conversation with Orly’s mother, Rose.

In April 2010 Orly flew to England and met the owners of the UK’s Venture Radio, Tracy Clark & John Peters, who had supported Orly and regularly played their songs. In fact, Orly had been voted as the ‘Artist of the Year’ by Venture Radio’s listeners.

Orly also met with the owner and founder of Ace Radio, Mark Alexander who had also been a supporter of Orly’s music and Mark interviewed Orly for his show. Unfortunately Mark recently and suddenly passed away but his family’s wish was fulfilled and “See the Stars Tonight” was played at Mark’s funeral.

Orly’s songs continue to be played on radio stations the world over where they are very popular with listeners in many different countries.

By the end of 2011 all the songs for the album were ready and were finally mixed by Ofer in his & Orly’s studio SpS – Sound productions Studio and the CD was sent for pressing and Orly had professional promotional photographs taken for the album artwork.

After a number of false starts and much hard work, in March 2012 the album which is called A Million Love Songs was finally ready for release.

Track Listing:

1. A Million Love Songs
2. I Can’t Help Thinking of You
3. My Angel
4. All I Got Left Is This Song
5. See The Stars Tonight
6. If You Could Have Loved Me
7. When You Love Someone That Don’t Love You
8. Tell Me Now
9. Love Me (Love Like There’s No Tomorrow)
10. Child of The Universe
11. If You Could Have Loved Me (Club Remix)

3 Responses to Orly Vardy Releases International CD A Million Love Songs

  1. Pre-release copies of our new album ‘A Million Love Songs’ with 11 great songs with lyrics by me, music by Ofer Hamerman and with wonderful vocals by Orly Vardy are now available – details on our new Reverbnation music site at http://www.reverbnation.com/amillionlovesongs – Thank you:)!

  2. Thanks John and hopefully we’ll soon have news about the release date for the album:)!

  3. “A Million Love Songs” is a stellar CD from track 1 through track 11. Lyrics are awesome, instrumentals beautiful, and Orly Vardy’s voice is awesome. Track 7, “When You Love Someone That Don’t Love You” is a duet preformed by Orly Vardy & Miklas Lindas” and the harmonies are just awesome.

    All songs are original which makes this CD stellar.

    This CD is a must for all music Lovers.

    Great job and a most beautiful CD.

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