Audio Interview with Kashy Keegan

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I’m really thrilled to have inspiring and talented musician Kashy Keegan back in TSM with an audio interview! Now it is also my very first one for the magazine – wanted to give it a go…know the sound quality isn’t the greatest, but it was something I was testing out and decided to still let you all hear it anyway.

Kashy Keegan was in my very first issue of TSM – you can get to this interview by going to the archives where you can find this one and others from previous issues.

Here is the link to it:

2 thoughts on “Audio Interview with Kashy Keegan

  1. I have adored this very gifted young man ever since I first met him when Chase Von, my co-author of DREAM REACHERS, interviewed him to feature in our first book. I was so honored when he let us use his award-winning song THIS IS MY DREAM as background music for the DR trailer. It worked out great!

    Thanks, Kashy, and may all your dreams come true. You are on your way to greatness.

    Love you much – Betty Dravis

  2. Congrats, Jessica! Wonderful audio interview!

    Glad to learn more about this talented young man.

    I’d love to hear Kashy singing in Spanish 🙂

    All my best wishes to you both.

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