Bryant McGill’s Goodwill Treaty for World Peace Project

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I’m really proud to promote this WONDERFUL project from inspiring and amazing Bryant McGill! It’s such an important one that our world needs.

The Goodwill Treaty for World Peace has been signed by over 115, 000 individuals from all over the world, including many notable figures such as: Dr. Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Matt Damon, Her Divine Grace Dadi Janki of the Brahma Kumaris, Ben Affleck, Don Cheadle, Yogi Master Gurmukh Khalsa, Jason Alexander, Snatam Kaur, Montel Williams, Charles Barkley, Dave Mason, Raymond ‘Ray’ Romano, and many others.

You can find out all about this project by visiting the site here.

Let’s keep spreading peace and love on Earth!


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