Interview with Daniel Boland

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Daniel Boland: Professional Singer

Jessica Gilbert: Daniel, thanks so much for doing an interview for TSM. It’s wonderful to have you in the magazine. ūüôā

Daniel Boland: No, thank you it’s such a wonderful and flattering thing to be asked so again thank you… ūüôā

Jessica Gilbert: What inspired you to get into singing? Can you recall the very first song you sung?

Daniel Boland: I cannot recall my first song, but I can imagine it was Micheal Jackson or something similar as I was into that. I know why I got into singing, it was… if I am being fair…for the chicks…just kidding. My dad used to travel a lot and every time we would take the hour or so drive to the airport, my mum and dad used to make me sing and complement me. Then in school I kept being¬†picked for things, first gig would have been when I was six or seven; I was the “partridge in a¬†pear tree” in the Christmas musical

Jessica Gilbert: Do you play any instruments? If yes, what and for how long?

Daniel Boland: I was given a guitar for my thirteenth birthday and have played (badly) since then. I am self-taught and always used it to write song ideas and to  practice singing. I can play almost any instrument by ear but none  particularly well. lol

Jessica Gilbert: Tell us a bit about the pop band “Impact” you were in. How did you get involved with that band? When you toured, did you have a favorite venue you performed at and why?

Daniel Boland: I had decided that when I was old enough I would go to the UK do an audition and stay. Right on the money as soon as I left school I hopped on my first¬†plane bound for the UK all by myself, and following an advert in the stage, did an audition for a group and got it. I was in the UK touring for about three years; we did over 200 shows, but my¬†favorite¬†was also my largest – it was oxford fireworks display to 50,000¬†people and we were asked to do an¬†encore. We were signed and had Sharon Osbornes father Don Ardon and then Deep¬†Purple’s manager as our managers. I think in total we had about 30,000 registered fans…most of our gigs were under eighteen which were fun, and we got to see all of the UK.

Jessica Gilbert: I read that in 2010 you started performing swing and that is your style of music today. So, what inspired you to get into swing?

Daniel Boland: My father always loved it, and I guess I do too because of that. I was looking for a style that everyone loves and started singing it. Then learned about Michael Buble. It was strange cause I have never had voice lessons so singing was very hit and miss for me, but with swing it was really comfortable, and thank god its how I make my living today performing it up and down the coast.

Daniel Boland - good5Jessica Gilbert: Who are your major music influences?

Daniel Boland: This is the hardest question for me because I don’t really have any. My ipod is scary cause I have Elvis, and I have Slipknot. Music is a mood enhancer or mellower…if that even means anything. My favorite artists are: Elvis, Frank, Freddie Mercury, and then modern singers like Adele. I love Ellie Goulding’s voice; it’s haunting. I also really like 50 cent. I like a good old symphony if I am in the mood. lol

Jessica Gilbert: What can fans expect from a live show? Do you have a favorite song you like performing live?

Daniel Boland: This would depend on age and sex. If you are a woman who is in your mid thirties upward and like Michael Buble then let me tell you…you’re going to be very disappointed with the fat hairy Michael wannabe…just kidding. I try and inject fun, romance and good times in my moves… especially to Elvis are a little wild, but it’s all in the name of good entertainment. I would like to say there is knicker throwing but none as yet…but you never know maybe a reader out there MAY start a trend. I have been called Mr. Grey…but I am not sure what that means. lol

Jessica Gilbert: Do you have music available for purchase?

Daniel Boland: I don’t but hit me up on my website and I will give you a track or two if you really want it. It’s a great compliment when someone actually wants to listen to you when they are not just stuck there because they happened to be drinking and your all they got. lol

Jessica Gilbert: I know you worked as a presenter for a period of time on Sky TV. What was that experience like and how did you land a job there?

Daniel Boland: I got the job the same way most¬†presenters and TV¬†people do…I slept my way to the top. Well, actually let me correct myself, I offered myself and was asked “if I give you the job will you¬†put your clothes back on” so…I see that as a win, if you ask me. It was an amazing experience; I was waited on hand and foot, had my own trailer and makeup artist for a whole year, and then I was back selling real estate to angry holiday makers who hate me… it’s not all glitz and glamour you know.

Jessica Gilbert: If you had the power to do something in the world today, what would it be and why?

Daniel Boland: I would make my skin out of¬† platinum so that every time I scratched it flakes would fall off and I could use them to buy myself things like fur coats and ferraris…yeah sweet…oh yeah, and end world hunger n stuff. No seriously, I would love to see cancer gone…it’s the most tragic and debilitating thing touching so many families and I would honestly give my life for it to be gone.
Jessica Gilbert: What is
Daniel Boland - danswing3one of your favorite quotes (or lines) that inspires you?

Daniel Boland: “the brave don’t live forever, the cautious don’t live at all” (gonna get that tattooed somewhere on my body, will have to hide it though cause my mum and dad would be mad).

Jessica Gilbert: Anything else you’d like to share? And where can our readers find out more about you?

Daniel Boland: I would love to see you all at a show. I am always performing here in Spain every week. Type my name in YouTube and something will come up I am sure, and my site is: Hope to see you soon!

Jessica Gilbert: Thanks again for doing this interview and wish you all the best with everything in the future. Keep me posted on your next live show as I would love to see you perform and meet you! ūüôā

Daniel Boland: You will be at the Fire Aid concert; I am very excited as far as I know there will be 1000¬†people there and I will be¬†pulling out all the stops! It’s gonna be serious. lol

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