Interview with David Blair

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David Blair: Acoustic-Pop Musician

Jessica Gilbert: David, I’m just so delighted to have you back in TSM. Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to do this follow-up interview.

David Blair: Thanks so much for having me again in your wonderful magazine!

Jessica Gilbert: Lots of exciting things have been going on with you…the David Blair epidemic is rapidly spreading! Haha. And I know you’ll be making your way over to Europe soon. Tell us a bit about your plans for Europe.

David Blair: Yes – I’m heading over to Germany in October and will be touring Europe starting in November! The countries outside Germany are not determined just yet, but I’ll be booking shows in the coming month or so!

Jessica Gilbert: You’ve also released some new music – a five song EP called I Hate Liking You, and a full length album Stay In Touch. Tell us about them and the inspiration behind the titles of them.

David Blair: Yes – I intended to officially release I Hate Liking You digitally by itself and have Stay In Touch only available at shows, but I caved and put them both online cause I didn’t want to keep my music away from my fans that I’m not able to get to at the moment!

I Hate Liking You was inspired by a severe crush I had on a girl I met on Catalina Island a couple of years ago – it was a special night that I met her and she affected me deeply. The lyrics are pretty much exactly how it all went!

Stay In Touch was inspired by a general love for people – to stay connected to people by phone, fb, email, homing pigeon – whatever way you can – the more connected we are to people – the better quality of life is available for us.

David Blair sitting on red sofaJessica Gilbert: It’s great that you’ve come up with your own, original birthday song as well. Is this now your official birthday song for everyone?

David Blair: Haha – well I would have to say yes! I still sing the original to everyone but I love getting crowd chants for this one at parties as I play pubs and private events all the time! It’s a fun song and lots of people have really enjoyed me playing it for them!

Jessica Gilbert: Love your “We Are Canucks” anthem and video. I know you were inspired to do it for the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Video and song got lots of attention with tons of YouTube views and being played on Jumbotron of Rogers Arena during playoffs season. How did it feel for your anthem to get this amount of exposure?

David Blair: It was the most amazing feeling to see it on the jumbotron at Rogers Arena – you can’t describe how cool it feels – especially when you’re an artist like myself where the biggest room I’ve played is about 1000 people.

Jessica Gilbert: You also auditioned for Canada’s Got Talent last year. What was that experience like?

David Blair: Other than the three hour line up – which wasn’t terrible cause you get to meet nice other contestants – it was a great experience! To play in front of Martin Short – my hero – was such a great feeling of satisfaction when he sang my praises. It’s so great when a celebrity who has made it – says in front of hundreds of people that he loves your performance. You get a feeling that you have something valuable to offer the world. Stephan and Meesha were so great as well – Meesha was just gushing over me – which was sooo awesome!! The video, of course, is on my YouTube channel cause they never did air my part on the show for some reason even though all three judges loved me.

Jessica Gilbert: What do you love most about performing?

David Blair: The chance to connect with people and to connect them with what I have to say in my songs. To make them laugh or have an expression of excitement on their face is my favorite thing ever.

Jessica Gilbert: Anything else you’d like to share? And where can our readers find out more about you and your music?

David Blair: On July 15th I’m launching my music on a brand new platform that gives exclusive content to my fans every month. It’s a crowd-funding platform that really empowers fans to be a part of helping their favorite artists gain exposure and at the same time receiving something every month along the way in appreciation for their support. It’s only $3 a month – so two Euros or less than a cup of coffee per month – and they get new music and special versions of songs they know from me! I’m the first artist in Canada to launch on there and one of the first in the world as its a brand new platform! It’s called Supapass! All my fans can find out more on my website as I’ll be putting it up there – All my dates for touring will be there as well as my videos and pictures!

Jessica Gilbert: Thanks again for doing this interview and the best always with everything.

David Blair: Thank you – always a pleasure!!

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