This Is My Dream by Jessica Gilbert

This Is My Dream

Everyone has a dream. What is your dream?

My dream, when I created and launched this magazine in November 2010, is to help artists gain more exposure for their work by offering them this creative venue to promote their talent.

Back in 2006 on MySpace, I connected with singer-songwriter Kashy Keegan. The very first song I ever heard that made me fall in love with his music is the song “Make It Real.” I truly believed in him and have supported him ever since that time.

In the last fifteen years, Kashy Keegan has written and recorded many inspiring and uplifting songs with messages in them. His dream has always been for his music to really reach the masses to inspire, heal and uplift them.

Kashy Keegan recorded the song “This Is My Dream” in 2007. It had been a favorite amongst his supporters and reached chart success in Germany. It is also featured in the trailer for the book Dream Reachers by Chase Von and Betty Dravis. Last year he was contacted about this song being used for HKTV. Since this connection with HKTV, he followed everything with the song and HKTV.

This week there were government protests in the streets of Hong Kong where hundreds of thousands attended, and they were singing Kashy Keegan’s song “This Is My Dream!” The government had refused to give HKTV a license, and it is their dream to have one to launch this wonderful network with educational and inspirational programs for the people of Hong Kong. Personally, I do hope HKTV can get their license soon. Please don’t give up hope!

The events which have taken place led to an invitation from HKTV to Kashy Keegan to perform “This Is My Dream” LIVE before the crowds gathered outside the central government offices in the centre of Hong Kong on October 25, 2013 in the evening.

“This Is My Dream” has also made it to number one on Itunes Hong Kong topping Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and others!

Here you can watch Kashy Keegan singing the song:

Kashy Keegan’s dream came true! Whatever your dream is, never give up! Because the dream you have could be just around the corner from coming true too.

Kashy Dream come true in Hong KongPhoto by Catherine Cheung

Kashy dream with crowdsPhoto by Peter Lin

You can visit his official site here:

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  1. Great post, Jess 🙂

    I’m so proud of you, Kashy Keegan.

    HKTV… all the best to you – Keep hope alive and remain strong!

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