We Are The Future – International Song Project

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“We Are The Future Song Project” started in 2001 as part of a Music Wales community project. The original song was written by UK songwriter Paul Weston after he listened to world issues raised by the young people at the community centre. The song was then recorded in English by six young ladies from different ethnic backgrounds who called their music group “Shades.” They had never appeared in public before and this was their first time in the recording studio. Later the song was translated and recorded in Spanish, KiSwahili, Yaruba and Arabic – and so, with your help and input, it goes on!

“We Are The Future” song project is non political and is aimed to include all people from all races, cultures and religions who share the goal of a peaceful world working towards a balanced social and economic equality.

Information taken from website and can find out more about this song project there – http://www.watf.info/

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