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World5 CD Review

World5 have released their album called “Global Experience”, making 2012 a memorable one. An appropriate name for the album title as all 5 band members are spread out worldwide.

That spectacular lead vocal is none other than Don Bruner, who hales from San Diego, California, USA. Don has the whole package, handsome, charismatic and one hell of a brilliant singer.
The stunning Steffen Goeres on lead and acoustic guitars, trumpet and fluegelhorn all the way over in Wellington, New Zealand.
The gorgeous Raimund Breitfeld masters the drums and percussion.  Raimund is located in Sweden.
That bass line groove you hear is Mr Cool himself Roland Childs. Roland is also from California, USA.
Stephan Goessl is hot hot hot and plays saxophone and keyboards. Stephan hales from Munich, Germany.

As you can see, it really is a “Global Experience”!! Each having done individual work from their own locations, then sending their recording to Randy Miller the Wunderkind producer in Texas, who put the finishing touches on the album. It is absolutely remarkable that World5 have been able to accomplish this level of quality from the comfort of their home studios but not surprising. The level of experience of all 5 band members is top notch. They have honed their skills to a fine edge and certainly let it flow with this “Global Experience” album.

Don Bruner has the innate ability to infuse emotion into his strong vocals. That married with exceptional lyrics and incredible instrumentation, surely brings steadfast fans to their knees! “World5 – Global Experience” is an unadulterated success. The album flows nicely and will hold the interest of each listener without giving the urge to skip through the tracks. That in of itself is no small feat. “Global Experience” is a generous album bringing us 12 tracks, each song having the quality to make it as a stand alone hit. This is a polished album that will not disappoint you.

The 3 tracks I have singled out are (no small feat):

1 –  You and I
This is a gorgeous song. The lyrics are exceptional. “You & I” has a strong story line that all will relate to. Don does a remarkable job on vocals and is simply addictive. The instrumentation is mind blowing. I was really impressed with the trumpet and keyboard work on this track. It was still playing in my head long after it was over. Breathtaking!

2 – Walk Away
This is an upbeat song with a great story line. It has a catchy hook that will have you singing along. Don Bruner’s powerful vocal style is amazing, nailing the vocals. World5 raised the bar on this song. Instrumentation is over the top good! This is a winner!

3 – The Morning Light
I love the fluidity of this song. The work done on this track with instrumentation is fabulous. Again World5 shows us all just how a song should sound. Excellent vocals by Don Bruner and the back up singers, giving this song a life of its own. The instrumentation level reached, “The Morning Light” will leave you wanting more and more.

“World5 – Global Experience:. This is THE album to add to your musical libraries this year. I have to say, this is one of my favorites. To accomplish this level of excellence it takes the kind of experience only World5 can deliver. “Global Experience” is brilliant.  Grab it today and you will see why.
That’s how I see it
                                            Shashona McCall
                                                          Indie Showcase

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