Interview with Melissa Bring

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Melissa Bring: Professional Photographer

Melissa Bring Photographer of the YearJessica Gilbert: Melissa, thanks so much for doing an interview for TSM. I’m grateful that Dave Coulier sent you my way because it’s truly great to have you here. 🙂

Melissa Bring: Thank you Jessica, What a pleasure!

Jessica Gilbert: What inspired you to become a photographer, and is this profession something you always wanted to do?

Melissa Bring: Imagery in general inspired me to become a photographer, the way I see things has always a bit different. The idea to be able to shoot for magazines and publish my work for others to see helped push my passion further. I never had a back up plan. I have always known I would be a professional photographer.

Jodie Sweetin PoolJessica Gilbert: How did you get started in photography? And what was the first photo shoot you ever did?

Melissa Bring: I was in sixth grade, and a member of 4H when I realized I was going to make a career out of my passion for photography. My first photo shoot was for a 4H competition at the local county fair in Livingston MT. I took my younger sister and friends out into the fields, on woodpiles and climbed into trees to get the perfectly composed image.

Jessica Gilbert: What are your favorite subjects to photograph and why? And do you have a favorite location you like to shoot in?

Melissa Bring: My favorite subjects would have to be individuals that are open to try anything. Shooting is a creative process and sometimes the best concepts develop on the fly, unplanned and spontaneously. I enjoy working with other creatives who understand that process and can easily ‘go with the flow’ in the moment. I can’ t say I have one favorite place to shoot. I love researching my talent and then placing them into locations that match their personality and/ or past experiences.

Jasmine Dustin Jessica Gilbert: Can you share one of your most memorable photo shoots with us?

Melissa Bring: One of my most memorable shoots was with Jodie Sweetin. The location was this amazing home in Beverly Hills, the old Mansion! The home is indescribable. The day was cloudy, and a bit chilly yet the shoot went perfect. Laughs, amazing food, high energy and a spectacular view made the shoot day worth remembering. I had Jodie laying on the infinity pool in the side yard of the property where you could see the entire view of LA county; downtown LA to the Santa Monica Ocean. Simply perfection.

Jessica Gilbert: It was interesting to hear that you spent time in Florence, Italy since I studied there myself – In fact, I studied photography too, and painting conservation. Since Europe had such a creative impact on you, tell us about your experience there.

Melissa Bring: Oh, love love, love Firenze! While studying and living in Florence I soon realized my passion for fine art and architecture photography had become second place to fashion and editorial. I would sit on the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore everyday and would watch the people walk by. I studied the way that they dressed, their strides, and their body language. I studied the beautiful architecture surrounding me and took in the way the buildings seemed to curve into one another. It was sitting on those same steps every day that I found my main inspiration as a photographer. I was fortunate enough to travel on the weekends and photograph other cities and countries including: Rome, Venice, Pisa, Sicily, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, London and Greece. Prague will always be a place I hold dear to my heart; it is a breath-taking city.

Tatyana Ali Jessica Gilbert: Who are some photographers you admire?

Melissa Bring: All of my closest friends will tell you I am a Mario Testino and Andy Warhol Junkie! Mario’ s work is so beautifully energetic. You are able to see his personality and his subjects’ personality in each image! Andy Warhol is inspiring in how he created art. His journey is a creative testimonial for artists.

Jessica Gilbert: If you had the power to do something in the world today, what would it be and why?

Melissa Bring: I would improve young America’ s education and creative programs. I have worked with many young individuals and feel the US could use more attention to our education system. It is so important to secure the intelligence and creative intelligence for our children in order to improve our futures.

Jessica Gilbert: What is one of your favorite quotes (or lines) that inspires you?

Melissa Bring: “ Running from yesterday’ s mistakes won’t improve tomorrow’s success.” – MB

Jessica Gilbert: Anything else you’d like to share? And where can our readers find out more about you and your work?

Melissa Bring: This past December I was awarded with LA’ s Raw Artist, Photographer of the year. It wouldn’t of been possible if I didn’t trust my passion and surround myself with an amazing team and support system. I just want to encourage all of you creatives to follow your dreams and pave your own path to that final destination. The hard work and long, trying road is worth the travel!!

James MichaelYou can find more of my work at and keep up with me on Twitter at

Jessica Gilbert: Thanks again for doing this interview and wish you all the best in the future.

Melissa Bring: Thank you Jessica! It was a great pleasure chatting with you. Thank you for having me.

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    Way to go Melissa. I know you’re headed for “Greatness” So proud of you !

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