Interview with Patrice Peris

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Pop-R&B Musician

Jessica: Patrice, thanks for doing an interview for TSM. It’s a pleasure to have you in the magazine. ūüôā

Patrice: Thanks Jessica! I appreciate you and your readers taking the time to talk with me.

Jessica: What inspired you to get into music and at what age did you start singing?

Patrice: I have been singing my whole life. I cannot recall a time when I was not actively involved in music. My inspiration comes from all over.

Jessica: Tell us about your music background.

Patrice: Like I said earlier, I cannot recall a time when I was not involved in music in some form, but I guess you could say it all started when I was a young kid performing on my fireplace mantel Рthere is home video of this which is quite funny. Then throughout middle and high school I was doing two to three musicals a year. After high school I decided to pursue music in college, so I studied Classical at Anna Maria College but later transferred to UMASS Amherst and finished with a theater degree. Though I had quit a bit of  experience it was not till I went to Bristol Studios in Boston that I became a true professional. There I studied voice and artist development which enabled me to find out who I really was as a solo artist.

Jessica: What’s your process for writing lyrics? And where do you get the inspiration for your songs?

Patrice: It typically starts with hearing another song or experiencing something which than motivates me to write it down. I find inspiration from all different sources, other artists, life experiences, observing different situations, a great beat..etc.  From here I go into the studio with Ric, and he typically helps me tweak them to make sure they are all top notch;)

Jessica: I know that you’re currently recording your debut album with producer/writer Ric Poulin of Bristol Entertainment in Boston. How is it coming along? Can you share some details about this upcoming album?

Patrice: We have been focusing on releasing some GREAT dance singles and I am getting some awesome feedback on my latest one titled “The Otherside” which is being played overseas in Italy and Ireland. ¬†I also recently went into the studio and I am in the works of starting a new track which I am SO excited about – it is going to be AMAZING. ¬†I am always striving to raise the bar with each one and I know Ric operates the same way. He continues to amaze me with his talent as a producer and writer.

Jessica: Who are some musicians you admire and look up to?

Patrice: Oh boy, this is a difficult one because I admire and have learned so much from a whole array of artists from all different time periods. I love the divas like Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, the lyrical command of Natasha Bedingfield and Alicia Keys, but also the edge and freshness Rihanna and Fergie.

Jessica: If you had the power to do something in the world today, what would it be and why?

Patrice: Perform all over the world bringing to each performance a positive energy that lifts people and gives them hope! I strive to be a good role model for all my fans and am passionate about spreading the message that you need not conform to what society says is the norm – be who you are and embrace your abnormalities!! I have people tell me I am weird all the time and I just say thank you.

Jessica: What is one of your favorite quotes (or lines) that inspires you?

Patrice: Again, another difficult question because there are so many different quotes I enjoy:) ¬†But a few examples of some would be – one I saw at the gym which said, “Winning is not everything but playing to is” and another would be “The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials.. the most money…or the most awards. They simply are the ones who care the most.”

Jessica: Anything else you’d like to share? And where can our readers find out more about you and your music?

Patrice: Well, first off I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to read this article and get to know me a little better:) ¬†Also, I do have a single out right now titled “The Otherside” which will be releasing to Itunes very soon and another one on its way – so I will share all my links below so you can continue to follow me:) And lastly, I am EXTREMELY excited to be doing a gig on June 17th at the ¬†Windjammer in RI opening up for Universal/Motown girl group Jada, they are amazing and you can check them out at!/patriceperis

Jessica: Thanks again for doing this interview and wish you all the best with everything you do in the future.

Patrice: Thank you!! I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me.

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