Interview with Robyn Z.

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Robyn Z.: Natural Born Medium and Singer
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Robyn Z. was born in Queens, NY, grew up on Long Island and moved to South Florida in her early teens. Rewinding backwards for a moment, she walked two roads; one being a natural born medium, and the other a gift for singing.

Robyn’s unique ability to recognize spirits and their specific messages has made her famous for remarkable validations and compelling accuracy.

From the time Robyn was in her Mother’s womb, she was able to thump to the beat of music and see outside of the womb. The natural born singer as a little girl gazing in her bedroom with stars in her eyes, had a bright neon green record player and a disco ball illuminating from the ceiling. She would spin vinyl records dancing, singing and creating her own staged theatrical performances with her friends and family. The long brown-haired, brown-eyed, starry-eyed child made everyone’s jaw drop the moment she would walk into New York hot spots wearing nothing but a wonder woman bathing suit with beautiful glitter made-up eyes, as belting out songs in public gained her standing ovations.

Robyn Z., CEO of her own record label Encoded Entertainment, LLC, who gained notoriety for her first record release “Good Love” released in 1995 by DM records. Her performances took a wild turn making her name go up in lights in local headlines and billboards.

Robyn was accepted into the University of Miami’s music department on scholarship right after graduating high school.

Her vast knowledge in the music industry, combined with her street smart classy attitude with a lot of wit got her right through the doors at record labels where she was offered to sing on numerous record releases in recording studios for artists, as well as being an opening act herself for major headliners.

Before her first release on her own label in 1999 gaining national distribution on her own, as well as attaining national Radio play, Robyn knows the game and can play it well. She has earned the respect of her peers in the industry and holds the key to what will be the reinvention. “My goals as an artist is to break down the barriers and walls of the typical boring ‘institution’ whereas everyone wants to be like the next artist. That is not in my veins, and truthfully the world is sick of hearing and seeing the same thing.”

Robyn Z. sittingJessica Gilbert: Robyn, I’m really delighted with the opportunity to feature you in TSM. Having been a supporter of your work for awhile now, it’s just wonderful to finally have you in the magazine. 🙂 Thank you so much for fitting this interview into your busy schedule.

Robyn Z.: Thank you profusely, Jessica, for having me. The feelings are quite mutual, and you certainly have been an avid supporter of my work which stems backwards to the MySpace era of technology. I am forever grateful and feel ultimately blessed that MySpace was the bridge and portal which ultimately connected you and I together. One of my fondest memories of you and your genuine character was the fact of you honoring my Golden Retriever that passed away, and your wonderful creative artwork, as well as you honoring me and creating a fan page for me where you were able to interact with my fans. I knew back then that you were such a gift, a blessing, and that you were going places with your own talents. It is an honor and blessing to be featured with such a wonderful soul such as yourself. That being said, I want to thank you from my heart and soul for your character which shines, and I thank you for giving me this opportunity to answer you while telling the world a little bit about myself.

Jessica Gilbert: What amazes me is the fact that you’re born with two special gifts – medium and singer. You’ve also pursued both of these in your life…however, if you had to choose one thing over another, what would it be and why?

Robyn Z.: Yes, I can imagine that looking outside at me inward, that people may find it quite amazing, intriguing if you will. I began singing at around sixteen months old. My mom is the one whom I give the credit to for making me realize that the gift of singing, a god given talent that resides within me, was not to be taken lightly and that I needed to pursue it. I found out at a very young age by people in the music business that something huge was inside me which could be expanded upon into greatness. That being said, it was up to me how far I wanted to take myself. I wanted to go as far as I could. This meant practicing seven days a week non stop. I became a singing machine and at the same time was able to excel in dance and acrobatics. I did as much work necessary where I was doing shows at Hofstra University, in front of thousands of people, and discovered my niche would be in musical theatre. Getting cast in such plays as The Sound of Music, I had the opportunity to play lead roles such as Mother Abyss and Maria.

When I was six years old, I found myself on a broadway stage singing my heart out to “tomorrow,” a familiar song to my fellow classmates who I grew up singing the song to wherever and whenever they could get me too. I had an agent in New York who sent me to what would of ultimately been one of the biggest breaks in my lifetime thus far. Out of thousands of talented, ridden people I was cast in the broadway musical Annie. That was such a glorious moment, but with that very  moment arrived terrible sadness. You see…my stepfather had just passed away as I was cast in Annie and part of the broadway show entailed touring. My mom couldn’t go on the road at that exact time and honestly, I was okay with her decision. Performing and music was in my blood and veins. A rush that can’t quite be explained.

Right after my stepfather passed away, I began throwing letters to heaven. I would stand up on my bed and say,” I know you can hear me! Give me a sign to let me know the afterlife exists” and with that, I found myself in my room as a child sitting at my round wooden table, and tape-recording conversations that I was having with spirits on the other side. They would talk to me, and I would speak with them. Then I started making predictions; having pre-cognitive abilities, I didn’t know how to handle what I saw, sensed, heard, and knew. I was absolutely different then everybody else, but it was a good thing I think because I was able to bring a whole new perspective into people’s lives at such a young age.

Now getting to your question of choosing one over an another. When I was in my Mother’s glowing womb, which I remember as if it were yesterday, I made a contract with a voice. The voice asked me if I want to come back here again with all of you here on earth. My reply was yes! But only if this is my last time. The voice agreed. I was fortunate enough to pick my mom. I knew I would be loved more than anything by her. I had the abilities as a fetus to hear conversations and to see my mother’s furniture. I am a very old soul. In answer to your question of choosing singing, or being a medium and why…I believe that being a medium chose me. It’s such a tough question. With singing, I had many goals that have not yet been achieved; one goal is winning a Grammy award and moving into movies and television. For the record, my goals for reaching the moon is not out of ego, it is because of the fact that I know it can be achieved. The fact of the matter is that the music industry is transparent, the general public has no idea of what honestly goes on behind the blood sweat and tears that reside within the music game. People think that you sing, make a record and blow up, that is not reality. There is an entire choreographed mechanical situation that goes on behind the curtains. I have experienced some of the greatest highlights of my life in singing because it runs in my veins and is a blood rush of a passion. Why? Because  all of us as human beings resonate with the raw emotion of lyrical content, music and it brings together unison. Real feelings come out and with that brings unison. I know what needs to be done to be a star in singing. With being a natural born medium, I am able in a natural way to connect people of all walks of life to the ones they love and have lost. In the years I have been professionally reading, I have never felt so wonderful in truly knowing that the other side exists. The validation and beautiful testimonials that come to me are so mind blowing and I wouldn’t give that gift up. Being a medium, I am able to help and serve thousands of people, and that is the best feeling. I have always loved performing on stage. Seeing people’s emotions when I sing, whether ecstatic or tears is such a groundbreaking experience to feel. The whole as a spectrum medium or singer, I have to say both.

Robyn Z. lying down Jessica Gilbert: What inspired you to get into music? Do you play any musical instruments? If yes, what and for how long?

Robyn Z.: I have to say that radio was and is to this day my inspiration. Radio is the most powerful medium of getting music across to the masses. That being said, once I dialed in my antennas to radio I never looked back. I would sit for hours as a child listening to Z-100 in New York City and I would pay very close attention to my favorite artists being interviewed on the air. I was fascinated with the questions and answers by the Disc Jockeys and Artists. One big inspiring and groundbreaking day was when Rockwell was live on Z-100 speaking about his hit single “Somebody’s watching me.” I wanted to know from him how it was working with Michael Jackson and having Michael’s background vocals on the record. I called, got through the phone lines and spoke with him; he was very kind in answering all of my questions. Then I got a neon green record player that played only vinyls and built my collection up slowly. I would sit everyday spinning records and dance around my room pretending with my brush that I was a superstar singing on a huge stage. The first song I ever sang was a song called “Rhinestone Cowboy.” When my mom heard me sing, she immediately placed me into the best dance and singing school on Long Island. I play the piano by ear. As a child, my grandmother had a baby grand in her home and she would sit with me for hours with sheet music trying to teach me notes. I love playing the piano and can play most of my own songs by ear. I took a shot at the violin, but it wasn’t my thing. The two instruments that I would like to learn are: guitar because I love acoustic at this point in my life, and I would love to learn the drums. I have been playing since childhood.

Jessica Gilbert: Speaking of radio, You’ve recently returned on the air with DJ LAZ on DJ 106.7 Miami every Monday at 7am EST for Medium Mondays. So, how does it feel to be back on DJ LAZ’s show again?

Robyn Z: There is no feeling like being HOME! I figured let me give you and all of your readers a taste of how ecstatic, blessed, grateful, and honored I truly feel. In the first picture we see I have returned home and as DJ LAZ says, it’s the return of Psychic Medium Robyn Z. and here we are at DJ 106.7 Miami The Home Of the DJ LAZ Morning show.

Robyn Z. home of the DJ LAZ Morning showThere is truly no place like home, and that is with the one and only, one in a million, DJ LAZ.  Here we are. DJ LAZ and I at last, back together again!

Robyn Z lazandrobynsmileDJ LAZ is one of the finest souls and talented DJ’s I have ever had the honor and experience of working with…He understands me, but in all ways…. He gets me as a genuine psychic medium and as a human being, but in all ways. We have a sacred, bonded connection that is exceedingly spiritual and we worked together back in the day for many years…That being said, we have a magical connection that transcends beyond lifetimes!

Robyn Z. photolazrobynzWhen I got the call that he wanted me on his new morning show, I had no idea that what was coming to me from DJ LAZ, was far more greater than anything I had expected. DJ LAZ said, “Robyn, we are going to have you on, and this time it is going to be every single Monday! It’s the return of you, Psychic Medium Robyn Z. and we go coast to coast from Miami to Los Angeles!” I was so excited, yet so humbled and very peaceful…Flash forward and here we are!

Robyn Z lazandioneMedium Mondays are in full effect! This is me with headphones on back on the air getting to do what I absolutely love most! Helping people all over the world connect to their loved ones whom have crossed over to the other side.

Robyn Z. robynmadlazThere is no greater feeling than helping people and the remarkable validations that come flowing in, down to mind blowing readings with my clients! I am forever grateful to the spirit world and ours for making this happen.

robynzoningreadingHow does it feel to be back on the air with DJ LAZ? I feel honored, blessed, grateful, and ecstatic!  

Check Robyn Z. out every single Monday on your FM Dial…  worldwide on your computer…#MEDIUMMONDAYS on on the DJ LAZ Morning show with Psychic Medium Robyn Z. starting at 7AM ET and going to LA 96.3. Robyn Z. is your conduit to you and your loved ones to the other side for a loving, peaceful, healing reunion. For your private reading, please visit and click  the schedule your reading star.

robynzlookmiclazJessica Gilbert: Who are your major music influences?

Robyn Z.: There are so many talented genuine artists and influences that are out there and each one brings a different symphony of heartstrings into my soul. Truth be told, I am an 80’s girl all the way, and if we could go back in time that was the best music ever! I have a very eclectic taste in music, and it spans all the way back to: Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Bette Midler, Madonna, Prince, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Cher, Barbra Streisand, The Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Air Supply. I love Enya, Lords Of Acid, Lisa Loeb, Jewel, Shakira, Usher, Jay Z., and I have a secret crush on Eminem!

Jessica Gilbert: What’s your process for writing lyrics? And where do you get the inspiration for your songs?

Robyn Z.: Normally, I get tracks emailed to me by producers that I work  exclusively with. The process for writing lyrics, as far as it’s concerned, is meticulous and there are different situations. If I am writing lyrics and it is a work made for hire or they are contracting me to write, the producer relays what they envision me writing. They don’t tell me what to write, but they may say, “Hey Robyn, can you write a song like so and so.” Then I will go research that artist, and once they email the song, they tell me the vision that they have for it. My job then is to see what they envision, and then I make the theme. Then I plug my earphones in and loop the song, and the world turns off. It is just me and the music then. I listen over and over to the song and get with the power of the music. Sometimes the melody comes to me right away, and I will start writing the lyrics while making a melody. Or vice versa. I may write lyrics feeling the musical tone, and then come up with the actual melody. I will then make a dummy track and send back what I wrote to the producer’s music with my lyrics and melody back to the producer. If they love what I have created melodically and lyrically, then it is a wrap, and together we coordinate and take it to the studio. If I need to write in another direction, I re-write and re-write until it is exactly what they envisioned along with me being a perfectionist to me being thrilled as well. If it is my song, I pretty much have the same model. My inspiration comes in waves. I like to meditate before writing because it makes my clarity much stronger, as well as my own perception of what the world will resonate with.

Robyn Z. standing pose by red sofaJessica Gilbert: Tell us a little bit about your single “Secret Society.”

Robyn Z.: The World is mired in turmoil and chaos, and the public whispers about secret societies, and the Illuminati. There is a growing undercurrent portraying recording artists as “puppets” in the music industry and slaves to dark overlords of music. Conspiracy theorists draw parallels. Artists from Elvis, to Jay Z. including contemporaries such as Rihanna, Justin Beiber, Gaga and even Katy Perry have been accused of being minions of the Illuminati. Lady Gaga has been under fire and pretty much all of us artists have been because of bearing similarity to Illuminati symbolisms. Jay Z. has blatantly been called a satanist for his famous triangular hand gesture as a diamond. Critics and conspiracy theorists feel that the Illuminati controls and owns the airwaves, television, movies, and even the artists themselves; the artists are merely tools of the Illuminati used to control the public’s mind. This take though, completely overlooks the idea that Gaga or Jay Z. are shrewd enough to use symbolisms and icons to create the controversy.

I decided that the world needed a song that stands up for revolution. I confronted Secret Society head on with my single and music video “Secret Society;” a controversial, dark, yet mysteriously captivating song. Every lyric in the song is riddled with cryptic messages. I find everyone’s pre-occupation with the unknown and the many elite societies absolutely fascinating. I researched the Illuminati, plus the symbolisms, and was enlightened by real people that brought me into worlds within worlds that the general public has no idea about. Before daring to write the very first line of this record, I knew what and where I was going with it. That depth and understanding shows in my music video; although If I could go back and press rewind, I would put initiation into it, as well as incorporating real situations that I wanted to show more of.

Robyn Z. standing in uniform social societyJessica Gilbert: When can we expect a full-length album out from you?

Robyn Z.: To be honest with you and the world, I have more than forty five songs in my catalog. I can easily throw an album out right now, even three. There are so many facets of technology in today’s world that were not available whatsoever back when I got signed to my very first record deal in 1995 to DM Records with my first single “Good Love,” which did very well in the United States and Brazil. Now there is YouTube, Itunes, CD BABY, and so much more. And yes, I can put all my songs out now independently. If I do that I would love for some of them, obviously, to go viral. Truth be told, I need that machine behind me. You may be wondering what I am talking about, so here goes. Putting a record out, or an album for that matter, is wonderful and I do encourage this to independent artists. However, when I plan a release, I want to make sure all my ducks are in a row and that I am not just throwing something out there praying on a whim. It takes stacks of money behind the music to take it worldwide and that is my goal for the long haul. I have had eight record releases as singles out already, not including my voice being featured on various recording artists records as the background vocalist. I feel blessed for and to the amazing producers I have worked alongside of. I have not had my big break yet. That being said, I am strictly focusing on strategizing and bringing in new positive energies and sounds. I would like to put together a full-length album with Grammy Award winner Steven Q Beatz, whom I collaborate and work with and go more country pop. I promise that you and the world will be getting an album from me, but you will most likely be getting a collection!  

Jessica Gilbert: Moving on to the medium side…How did you discover you had a gift as a medium? What was one of your early premonitions that you had as a child?

Robyn Z.: When I was very young, my mediumistic abilities encompassed me. It began as precognitions and predictions. I knew things before they would happen, and I would pass messages along to people. A little time passed and the “ Intense Visions” that I saw happening as if a film is running, did in fact happen. As I became older, I became aware that I was seeing deceased spirits of family members of people. With the deceased spirit, I received compelling information in my minds eye that would later be confirmed and validated. I really did not know at such a young age, how to deal with what I was encountering, and honestly, it was very freaky back then! Large crowds were extremely disturbing because I could see images, symbols, impressions around people, and information would start coming in rapidly for me – including names, months, numbers and things that I really did not want to know. It made no difference if one person was standing in front of me, or a large crowd. I knew then, that a new mission was finding me – one, I never expected. In 1998, I met a very well respected and world-renowned famous Medium. This Medium told me very important things yet to happen for me, including telling me not to be afraid and that I would be doing what they are doing. A few years later, I had my very first client for a reading and then the referrals started pouring in. I am available for phone and private sessions, and can also be heard on a variety of radio and television programs to demonstrate my abilities in connecting with the ones we have loved and lost. One of the earliest premonitions I encountered was knowing that a building was going to collapse in back of where my mom and I lived in New York. And it happened within days of my premonitions, as well as knowing when the door would knock, who exactly would be calling before the phone dared ring, and giving messages to people that would make them cry tears of joy in knowing that the soul survives consciousness. I have a very unique ability to recognize spirits and their specific messages which provide remarkable validations and compelling accuracy.

Jessica Gilbert: How do you prepare for a client reading? Is there something special you need to do in order to tap into one’s energy, or can you just tap into one’s energy whenever you want to?

Robyn Z.: I always ask my clients to ask the person(s) they are seeking to connect with to pray to them in their own sacred form, or to just talk to them before I get on the phone or see my client(s) in person. Through my mind’s eye for myself as a medium, a discarnate looks very much like a “Silhouette” around a living person, and the discarnate will show me exactly what they want to; they will give me sensitive information that only you, or your family and friends will know about. I have five senses as a medium; I can hear, sense, taste, feel, and your loved ones will often show me their appearance. I will get impressions, images, sounds, feelings, and they will want to talk about anything that they feel will validate themselves as long as they want to share this information with me to you. The things that they feel are most significant that need validation. The person you love who has passed on may recollect numbers, dates, names, events, memories – anything that is important for me to convey from them to you. If your loved one had a joking personality, they will present themselves that way. It is very important, that you realize the things your loved ones will come to me (The Medium) to validate you (The Loved One) and the person you love and have lost. An actual session with me brings validation to you, connections, comfort, healing, love and compassion all at once. I firmly believe, that the soul survives consciousness and no matter what religious background you are from, the bottom line is you love your loved ones, they love you. My role as the medium is to bring you together for love, validation and peace. In answer to tapping into ones energy field,  all I need is my client and their energy. I can tap into my clients energy whenever I want, so as long as spirit wants me too. The deceased know that they are safe with me as a medium and I love that!

Jessica Gilbert: Based on your personal experiences, what are some downsides to this nature of work?

Robyn Z.: Knowing when and how to turn the gift off. This is something that is within me and my soul 24/7. It is not a 9-5 job where I can turn it off and just go home. For example, before 9/11 I had consistent nightmares of fires, airplanes, and a man of Zorro walking outside. I kept asking “who are you?” The man just kept walking and pointed to the sky. When I looked up in my dream, I saw blazing fires and thousands of people screaming. In my waking state, I conveyed this nightmare to my family. I knew a male was going to pass away in my family but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out who it was. Just two days later, 9/11 happened, and a family member (Male) passed away in the twin towers. Who was I supposed to go to, to tell to stop them when all I knew was a male was going to be passing away in a tragedy? Another downside is I have prophetic dream states where I have witnessed tidal waves days before they have occurred including the devastation of Haiti. I wish that somehow I could get to the masses to help them before tragedy strikes, and that is a downside to this sensitive nature of work.

Jessica Gilbert: Who are some other mediums you admire and look up to?

Robyn Z.: John Edward

Jessica Gilbert: If you had the power to do something in the world today, what would it be and why?

Robyn Z.: I will have superpowers, so I can save the world…kind of like wonder woman! 🙂

Jessica Gilbert: What is one of your favorite quotes (or lines) that inspires you?

Robyn Z.: “Don’t Look at how far you have to go; look at how far you’ve already come” “The littlest act of kindness, can be the biggest change in someone else’s life!” “No Matter who you are, life will create a way to humble you,” “Our Lives are enriched by the most brilliant cast of characters. Treasure each role and make your plot a masterpiece!”

Jessica Gilbert: Anything else you’d like to share? And where can our readers find out more about you and your work?

Robyn Z.: Yes, thank you for asking. I have written the first of a planned trilogy, so be expecting this is in the not too distant future as my eyes are on the horizon! I will tell you and your readers a little taste of what’s coming. In the first of it’s kind, the deceased speaks with you and the world. HIM is the first book of a planned trilogy appealing to psychic, spiritual, and paranormal fans. This book follows Rachelle Sanders from conception in her mother’s glowing womb, all the way to the afterlife, as she tells her story from a parallel plane between heaven and hell where she is trapped. It tackles issues facing teens like divorced parents, fitting in, finding friends, and school bullying. It especially addresses the challenges of being a teen with psychic gifts. It is interspersed with discussions on being psychic in an ordinary world, developing those skills, and what it is like on the other side. There is a planned interactive website to accompany the trilogy allowing readers to test and practice their own PSI abilities with Aunt June who has a spiritual boot camp Dreamy Xavier Hollow, Jezebel, and Danielle, while battling HIM (The most evil of entities) to assist Rachelle Sanders to “The Other World.” I am so excited about this project and the people that are involved. I cannot say too much right now, however I promise you, that you and the world will love this! 🙂

If you want to hear my music, please visit:, or come to my and be inducted into the “Secret Society.”

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Jessica Gilbert: Thanks again for doing this interview and wish you all the best with everything in the future.

Robyn Z.: Jessica, thank you profusely for your outstanding and unconditional love, and supporting me and my work throughout the years. I am so blessed and grateful to you for allowing me this gracious opportunity to share my world into yours with you and your readers!

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  1. Awesome story, Jessica. ADmire all Robyn has accomplished. What a unique combination: psychic singer. Very interesting.
    Thanks for bringing her to my attention.

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