Interview with Bruno Samarques

Bruno Samarques: Poet, Musician and Visual Artist

Bruno is a poet, musician and visual artist based in Lisbon. He plays the guitar and piano, composing his own pieces inspired by nature, dreams and metaphysics. He also creates his own music videos, filming in beautiful locations like the Azores. He is interested in new and more compassionate ways of living. (Taken from his page)

TSM: Hi Bruno, thanks so much for doing an interview with TSM. I’m so delighted to have you in the magazine.

BS: Thank you, I am very touched.

TSM: What is your background in writing, music and art? And what inspired you to get into these creative endeavours?

BS: Since I can remember, I was always very curious about consciousness, and about exploring the senses. My parents had a very creative environment, where they used to listen to music and paint, and I think that was the seed for me, to enjoy searching and materialising new worlds.

TSM: When did you start composing your own pieces of music? Can you recall your first music composition? What is your process for creating a composition?

BS: My Grandmother used to be a pianist, she even played on the radio once. When I started showing curiosity around when I was eight, she paid for the piano to be tuned. When I arrived from school she would close the living room doors, so that I could explore the octaves with privacy. Slowly, I started developing my own melodies. I felt I was opening a gate to other worlds.

TSM: Can you recall the very first poem you wrote? Would you like to share one of your poems with our readers?

BS: When I was ten, on a train, I felt this emotion of freedom, and I wrote,”we are all gods, we only need to find our magic…” That’s the first real poem I felt as an expression of me as a thinker and a sculptor of thoughts, of words…

I can also share this poem, its one of four poems that I am still working on:
I have fallen asleep on your lap, swimming on the waves of your touch
hugged your universes with my deliverance
undressed myself from the most minimal differences
and became native of your sea
(your water is warm)
down under the darkness i was wounded on your rocks
met your forgotten creatures
and gave them names: names that you had forgotten,remember?
I carried your light where there was absence of you
kissed what you felt ashamed and you felt-me-you
(you embrace me)
near the surface i saw your gardens: corals of principles
new forms, visions painted on their gills
multicolored new dreams
desires, self-promises
whales of alternatives, nameless feelings
fire inside water, experiences without origins
erotic-honey,tenderness,freedom near an eruption,
winged absences, dolphins searching for the most noble magic,
hunger of existence.
(movements of peace)
I breathe your water in symbiotic plenitude
(I feel you falling asleep: and our seas mix…)

TSM: What are your favourite subjects to draw/paint/photograph? And how would you describe your style?

BS: Faces mixed with an expression that emanates a link with other worlds of sublime mystery.

TSM: What do you do to get into your creative zone?

BS: A walk in the forest, by the sea, or listening to music, or just letting my hands discover new melodies at the  piano.

TSM: Do you create with the intent to send a message? If so, how important is it that your audience understands the message?

BS: My main intent is to inspire a link with empathy, sensualism, magic, and harmony with nature and others.

TSM: Does your creative work come easily, or do you struggle with your ideas? What obstacles (if any) do you experience when you are creating? If you do face obstacles, how do you get past them?

BS: It’s more a process of feeling nature, and saying and expressing what I feel as magical, or that is something that needs to be said.

TSM: What creative individuals do you admire?

BS: Jim Morrison, William Blake, Rimbeaud, Android Jones, Anais Nin…and many more

TSM: If you had the power to do something in the world today, what would it be and why?

BS: To design a cultural and a civilisation that prioritises the quality of existence to all, so that it can focus on art and exploring the cosmos.

TSM: What is one of your favourite quotes (or lines) that inspires you?

BS: “If you want to achieve something, you build the basis for it.”

TSM: Anything else you’d like to share? And where can readers find out more about you and your work?

BS: For now I am still building my website and recording an album. But I have a few pieces, and I will give news here:

TSM: Thanks so much again for doing an interview for the magazine, and wish you nothing but the best with all you do in the future.

BS: Thank you for this amazing experience.

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