Interview with Manda Madsen

Manda Madsen: Model, YouTuber and Author

Manda Madsen is a fifteen year old SAG-AFTRA actress, model, YouTuber and author. Manda began runway and print modeling at age five. She started acting in films when she was eleven. Manda has her own YouTube channel that she launched in 2019, and recently published her first children’s book with her mother, Laura Madsen. Manda lives in New Mexico, and travels frequently to both Los Angeles and New York City for work. In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her dog, Brisk, taking gymnastics and watching her favorite sit-com Friends on Netflix. (From Manda’s Mother, Laura)

TSM: Hi Manda, what a delight it is to have you in TSM. Thanks so much for doing an interview for the magazine.

MM: Thank you for inviting me to do the interview. I’m happy to be in TSM.

TSM: How did you get your start in acting and modeling?

MM: When I was little (six years old), I did some runway modeling in fashion shows at schools and casinos. It was local, and I really enjoyed doing it. I loved getting my hair and make-up done, and being styled.  

And then when I was eleven, I got an opportunity to do a short film, A Bench in a Park playing soccer as a young girl. This opened up doors so I was able to act in more movies as I got older.

TSM: What has been your favourite acting role and why?

MM: I did like being the young girl in A Bench in a Park because I got to wear comfy and sporty clothes. The director, Tom Bentey, was really nice and encouraging to me, too.

TSM: When you have a short break during rehearsal, what do you like doing in that time?

MM: I don’t really have rehearsal. I’m not an actor who is always auditioning. I liked my recent opportunity to be a part of my high school’s play, We Will Rock You. It was fun hanging out with my friends while we were backstage. Right now I’m just primarily focusing on my education and my friends, and just being a normal teenager.

TSM: What’s your favourite part of being a model? And what has been one of your favourite shoots?

MM:  I really liked my modeling job in Atlantic City when I was about seven. It was a lot of fun because it was very professional, and I had hair and makeup artists work on me.

TSM: What do you love most about acting?

MM: It’s fun meeting the other actors. It’s cool seeing them on and off camera.

TSM: Tell us a bit about your YouTube channel and what you share over there.

MM: My YouTube channel  is a fun hobby for me. I really like editing my videos and getting creative. I’ve just been trying out different kinds of videos that I normally think of on the spot. I like making aesthetic videos of organizing, and doing various halls, and vlogs. As of right now, I’m stepping a little bit away from YouTube because I recently had a surge of thousands of views on videos on my channel, and because I do not have 1,000 subscribers, which is YouTube’s criteria for getting paid, they are playing ads on my videos and gaining profit off of them without paying me. Now I just want to treat it more like a hobby and something fun to do because I always enjoyed making videos, regardless of the money.  I just won’t take it as seriously as a job.

TSM: I know that you recently published your first children’s book with your mother. I bet it must have been great working on a project with her. What was your first book experience like? And what did you learn from it?

MM: I learned a lot from publishing my first book, Brisk’s New Home. I really liked seeing it all come together in the end, and going from the computer screen to actual paper. I always liked writing in school. It was a lot of fun to be creative with it and tell a very personal story about how I got my dog, Brisk, who’s my best friend.

TSM: If you had the power to do something in the world today, what would it be and why?

MM: Well, I would run for President. Not that I have any intention of actually doing that in my life, but if we are talking fantasy, I would, 100%. I actually have a whole campaign planned, ha ha ha. To be honest, I would just want to see everybody get along and be like how it was when I was a little kid. I wish that everybody could just act like little kids because the world would be a happier place.  

TSM: What is one of your favorite quotes (or lines) that inspires you?

MM: “Livin’ like Larry” – it’s from Sponge Bob. I just like it because me and my friends always laugh about it, and I think it’s funny because of inside jokes with my friends.

TSM: Anything else you’d like to share? And where can readers find out more about you and your work?

MM: If you read the book about my dog, just know that it was written with a lot of love and happiness, and I’m petting him as we speak right now.

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TSM: Thanks again for the interview. It has been great talking with you, and I wish you the best in all you do in the future.

MM: I’m really grateful to do this interview and to be asked questions about myself. It makes me happy.

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  1. Hi Manda, you have wonderful future ahead of you. Such a talented beautiful young lady. I wish you the best in everything you do.

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