Organization Are U Wasting Time?

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ARE U WASTING TIME? Youth Empowerment and Personal Development Program provides our students with the necessary tools to become passionately connected to education, cultural backgrounds and personal development. This specialized servicing addresses delinquency, educates, motivates, inspires students to continue their studies and prepares youth to obtain careers by utilizing technology, computer skills, entertainment, media, and the arts as teaching tools.

Ali speak at University

* Educational Workshops Assemblies that contain positive Jazz Influenced Poetic Hip
Hop and Theatrical Performances. These presentations are designed to increase
awareness, promote leadership, self esteem & citizenship
* Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Basic Guerrilla Film Making & Music Production
* Civic Responsibility (Students explore the importance of community volunteering)
* Life Skills (Resume Writing, College Readiness & Clear Thinking Techniques)
* Leadership Training
* Entrepreneurial Development Training for beginners & Advance C.E.Oʼs of the Future
* Youth Empowerment Group Dialogue, Journal Writing, Decision Making Processes & Action Planning Training. (This component focuses empowerment beyond crime, gangs & drugs.)
* Sexual Assault, Dating Violence & Stalking Defense Training
* Computer Literacy
* Tutorial Services (Required Subjects)
* Mentoring (Career, Academic & Social)
* Counseling (Academic, Personal & Career)
* Social Adaptation Experiences ( Museum trips, Live Theatre, Fine Dining, College Tours, Non-Traditional Urban Sport exposure such as tennis, fencing, hockey, lacrosse etc.)
* Special Guest Speakers, (Hollywood Actors, Tony Award Winning Writers, authors, other successful Entertainment Professionals, Radio Station DJ’s, TV Executives, Music Producers, photographers & Community Personnel)

Please be sure to check out Asim Ali’s interview in TSM to learn more about Are U Wasting Time?, his life, work and more! An interview you must read!

Bolee R U wasting time

One thought on “Organization Are U Wasting Time?

  1. SUBMITTED BY BETTY DRAVIS on 2011/02/06 at 04:26

    What an amazing program. It’s encouraging to know there are programs like this to help empower young people so they find their strengths and realize their true worth.

    God bless the founders and workers at this organization and thanks TSM for this special report.

    Hugs – Betty Dravis

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