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TSM Interview Listings
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November 2010 Launch Issue

April Star Davis – Jewelry Designer & Founder
of Designers For Africa

Betty Dravis – Author & Celebrity Interviewer

David Barreto – Blues-Rock Musician

Heidi Horvath – Photographer

Kashy Keegan – Inspiring Musician UK

MT Robison – Americana-Acoustic-Rock Musician

Michael J. Scott and Neil Barlow
– Musician From Sweden & Songwriter From UK

Sally Ann Rowland – Visual Artist

Wildon Ash – Alternative-Rock Band

January 2011 Issue

Asim Ali – Multi-Faceted Artist, Founder of Are U Wasting Time?,
Youth Advocate and Motivational Speaker

Chase Von – Author & Journalist Student Operated Press (SOP)

David Blair – Acoustic-Pop Musician

Elena Vogt – Pop-R&B-Rock Singer

Gary Alan – Founder of TalentWatch

Kerri Edelman – Modern Rock Solo Artist, Writer & Radio Show Host

Monica Chapman – Jazz Vocalist

Neil Taylor – Robbie Williams Guitarist

Orly Vardy – The Singer With The Gentle Voice

Paul Robert Thomas – Song Lyricist

Robin Beck – Pop-Rock Musician

Steve Gooch
– Writer, Artist, Teacher, Reiki Master and Creator of
12seconds for Peace

Tobiah – Acoustic-Angelic-Pop Musician

March 2011 Issue

Alex Ryan – American Idol Season 10 Top 40 Contestant

Ana Rosa – Pin-up Art “Eye Candy For the Soul

Daz – Indie-Powerpop-Rock Musician

Katie Marino – Pop Singer and Songwriter

Kristyna Myles – Jazz-Soul Musician

Martin Page – Acclaimed Songwriter & Musician

Patrick A. Basile – Multi-Talented Artist

Timothy D. Bellavia – Award-Winning Children’s Author,
Illustrator and Educator

June 2011 Issue

Alexandra G.– Visual Artist

Chris Pierce – Soul-R&B Musician & Toured With Seal

Jeremy Presner – Film & Video Editor

Joey Sykes – Multi-Talented Musician & Meredith Brooks Guitarist

Law of Numbers – Songwriting & Producing Team

Melissa Bring – Professional Photographer

Natalie Nicole Gilbert – Multi-Talented Artist & Founder of
On Time Talent

Next of Kin’s Nate Bass – Lead Vocalist & Drummer of Next of Kin

Sara Westbrook – Motivational Speaker & Singer-Songwriter

Skys and Shashona (Indie Showcase) – Founders of
Indie Showcase

Patrice Peris – Pop-R&B Musician

August 2011 Issue

Aaron Sacco – Animator & Illustrator

Antonia Tosini – Author, Screenwriter & Goodwill Ambassador Italy

Ben Wells – Rising Country Artist

David Patterson – Visual Artist & Digital Photographer

Lisa Dawn Miller – Singer-Songwriter, Producer & Actress

Paul Weston – UK Singer-Songwriter

Peggie Perkins – Singer & Entertainer

Tima Montemayor – Singer-Songwriter

Tj Vais – Gifted Poet From Australia

March 2012 Issue

Melissa Errico – Actress & Singer

Don Jamieson – Comedian & TV Host

Ray Burton – Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter For Many Top 20 Hit Songs

Fiona Flanagan – Rock Musician

Dr. Linda Salvin – Talk Show Host, Metaphysician & Psychic

Matt Cusson – Jazz-R&B-Soul Musician & Discovered by Brian McKnight

Klara Landrat – Actress, Model, Photographer & Producer

Mark Sean Orr – Photographer

Donna Solitario – Inspiring Author

Shannon Hurley – Indie-Pop Singer & Songwriter

Subliminati’s Sas Leon-King – Fusion Metal Band

Lowvee Cole – Singer-Songwriter

McKenna Andrews – Singer-Songwriter & Guitarist

Kashy Keegan – Inspiring Musician

July 2012 Issue

Frank J. Myers – Acclaimed Songwriter & Musician

Jada – Pop-R&B Female Vocal Group

Sherlie Matthews – Multi-Talented Artist

Colie Williams – Singer-Songwriter

Olivia Gray – Multi-Talented Artist

Christina Kelley – Jewelry Designer

Carrie Battley – Psychic Medium

Amy Barbera – Inspirational Singer-Songwriter

Ade Carr – Singer-Songwriter

Doug Rockwell – Multi-Talented Musician

Sara Skinner – Pop-Rock-Soul Musician

Stesha Cano – Voice of “Blue-Eyed Soul”