Would you like Talent Spotlight Magazine(TSM) to review your CD, art, film or book? For all review considerations, please submit info about what you’d like reviewed with a small sample, and then if selected TSM will require it to be submitted in its entirety. There are fees for reviews that are listed below. Reviews will be on the front page for the first 3 months and then remain in the archives on the site. All payments must be paid in full before reviews are written and published via Paypal.

Fees for reviews (In US Dollars or equivalent)
CD – $16.50
Art – $16.50
Film – $26.50
Book – $26.50 (Small book up to 300 pages)
$38.50 (Medium book between 300 and 500 pages)
$50.00 (Large book over 500 pages)

(NB: All reviews in the magazine will be brief summary reviews with my own special twist for each type of review)

For requests and further questions, please use the contact form with the subject Review. Thank you.