This is a great service you provide to the public and the artists you share with us. Your interviews are thoughtful, the questions you pose original; letting the artists speak about their work and themselves in a very unique way.

The idea of exploring many forms of art and artists in one place makes this site a great place to explore.

Jan Stephens

This magazine is awesome and so professionally put together!
Cyndi Sue

Love your magazine! The insights of each artist’s feelings, backgrounds and views. You’re a great interviewer!
Susana Springer

I was interviewed in Jessica’s TSM two years ago and will be again this year for her “Spring Issue” to talk about my upcoming CD due to come out this Spring of 2013! Jessica is a beautiful person and an excellent interviewer.I am proud to say she has become a good friend as well! She did an outstanding job with her magazine and it has grown to be one of the most popular magazines out there! I am honoured to be invited as one of the featured artists to be interviewed for this great magazine for the second time! Congratulations Jessica on your success!I feel truly blessed to know you and excited to have you design my new website!

Much Love & Respect,
Monica Chapman, jazz vocalist, Toronto, Canada

I have been following Jessica’s Talent Spotlight magazine for several years since meeting her on MySpace. The magazine is wonderful and showcases new emerging talent and established artists in many different genres of the arts. Her interviews are always interesting, informative and fun. Because of her interviews I am a fan of many new and upcoming artists. Jessica has the unique ability to be tuned in to the pulse of current and exciting artists, which is something special in this age of new technology where there are more artists than ever before. I don’t know how she does it, but I hope she continues for many more years.
Mark S. Orr

For me Talent Spotlight Magazine is undoubtedly the leading online publication for championing new and established talent in the arts field. Whereas many online magazines are only interested in generating traffic, selling advertising and writing exploitative stories about the same old celebrities, what makes Talent Spotlight Magazine unique is that they are 100 percent committed to shining the spotlight on real talent and giving recognition where it’s deserved. If you’re interested in discovering new talent or hearing about the next big thing before anyone else does, Talent Spotlight Magazine is the place. With a wide variety of highly informative interviews, reviews and written contributions – it’s always a great read and the one magazine that I know is genuinely all about supporting real talent.
Kashy Keegan

It was a really nice experience doing the story for Talent Spotlight Magazine and Jessica Gilbert is a great interviewer. She managed to drag things out of me that I had never really spoken about before. Nice going Jessica 🙂
Ray Burton

I have known Jessica for some years now, albeit only through social media, but she is a wonderful person and very talented. When she first decided to launch Talent Spotlight Magazine, she invited me to be one of her first issue interviews and I must say I was very honoured.

The great thing about TSM is that it’s not just for people who are already doing great things in the world of arts, but also for those who are just starting out or in fact anywhere on their own artistic journey.

The magazine has a fabulous selection of artists from all genres so even if you yourself are focused on just one, you get to see and read about so many others – their journeys and where they are heading. Sometimes just reading for a few minutes can get you out of a slump you might be in and realize that it’s ok to follow your dreams at your own pace.

Keep up the great work Jessica! One day I hope we can sit down over a glass of wine and have a great chat.
Sally xx

Talent Spotlight Magazine is one of the latest and greatest publications that helps people to learn about so many different facets of the entertainment industry. Through interviews, public reviews and even a wonderful self-help section of articles pertaining to highly useful topics, artists can learn more about their own trades, already established professionals and concerts, films and more. This is a wonderful online magazine and I wish it great success!
KC Kelly

Just like the title says, Talent Spotlight Magazine is comprehensive online magazine featuring art, music, poetry, books, and putting the spotlight on the talents who create them. The interviews are always insightful and it doesn’t matter what forms of art you’re into, you will find something new and exciting there. Jessica Gilbert, the Founder and Publisher of Talent Spotlight Magazine, is a great supporter of the arts and her vision to give artists a place to shine is written all over the website. I am thankful to have been on the receiving end of her kind support. So much to explore and discover on the website, and with each visit I’m always so pleased to be introduced to yet another talent.
Tima M.

Talent Spotlight Magazine is at the forefront of discovering new and innovative artists thru non-traditional venues.
Wildon Ash

I was honored to be showcased in the very first issue of Talent Spotlight Magazine when Jessica Gilbert’s long-time-dream magazine launched in November 2010. I was so happy for her to realize her dream of featuring up-and-coming new entertainers and artists from all fields.

I met Jessica indirectly through extremely talented musician M.T. Robison and fell in love from the get-go. She’s such a dynamic force, who wouldn’t love her? When I read about her and her goals, I just had to interview her for our Dream Reachers II book (co-author Chase Von) and I was (and still am) impressed. She is the perfect fit for our book since our slogan is: Only those who strive to reach their dreams end up living them.

Jessica is noted around the world for the variety of people she features in her popular online magazine: musicians, singers, songwriters, artists and writers. Some are already famous, but most are up-and-coming talents that Jessica is boosting towards success.

Jessica certainly has an eye for spotting talent and has featured some of my best friends: singer/songwriter Kashy Keegan, songwriter Neil Barlow, jazz singer Monica Chapman, artist Sally Ann Rowland–and the great M.T., of course—just to name a very few.

To pique your interest about Dream Reachers II book and to learn more about Jessica, please read my interview with her on Dames of Dialogue.

As Jessica says in that interview, she’s not your average woman and she feels fortunate to have lived in three countries and traveled extensively. Since then I have come to know that, indeed, there is nothing average about this vivacious, caring woman. Rock on, Jessica…
Betty Dravis

Jessica, I was so happy to do a special interview in your wonderful Talent Spotlight Magazine. You are such a sweet person and your magazine is so professional and top of the line!!! You asked the most amazing questions during our interview and it was so much fun answering them back and sharing my heart!!! You are just Awesome and so is Talent Spotlight Magazine.
Amy Barbera

My connection with Jessica predates the publication launch. I have seen the Talent Spotlight Magazine from it’s original design concepts to it’s present internet reality. In every article or spotlighted artist Jessica gives interviews that are both factual and entertaining. TSM is a real diamond in journalism. I am proud to have been interviewed, and as well recommended other talent to glean in Jessica’s magazine spotlight.
Timothy D. Bellavia

TSM is THE best online magazine. Always entertaining with the best new and upcoming talent as well as seasoned talent. I truly enjoy TSM so very much. Jessica believes in dreams coming true. She shares this belief with so many people that have such amazing artists who want to share their talent with the world. Her interviews always rock! Jessica’s personality is professional and fun. She knows how to interview the best and top artists and this is how she provides us with the best entertainment online.
Annette Ziegler

Top Notch and on the cutting edge, is what I say about Talent Spotlight Magazine. This magazine is very informative and professional, bringing you the latest and newest interviews with many talented artists! I can’t say enough about Jessica! I met her quite a few years back via MySpace, have  worked with her, and I am so impressed at her energy, professionalism, intelligence and hardworking drive. I have been in contact with her through the years. and always enjoy seeing what she is doing! There is never a dull moment in the world of Talent Spotlight Magazine!!  It’s a beautiful magazine…
Heidi Horvath

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