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Cat Knott: Coach, Motivational
Speaker & Writer

Cat Knott is a Spiritual Warrior, channeler, and guide on the pathless path of life, shining a light toward all of our unlived lives and unfulfilled potentials.

She is an Evolutionary Coach, for Soul-Led Entrepreneurs and Awakening Warriors who are daring to stand up and follow their calling. Her personal mission is to keep YOU pointing directly and unwaveringly toward the YOU that is your power, unique connection to life, magic and infinite potential.

As our whole world is undergoing its current ‘WTF?! Awakening’ her powerful, intuitive, work helps us refocus to our purpose, whilst expanding into new infinite, collective perspectives.

Awakening your Soul. Awakening your Power. Awakening your Truth. (Courtesy of Cat Knott)

TSM: Hi Cat, great to have you in the magazine. Thanks so much for doing an interview for TSM.
CK: Thank you Jessica, it’s lovely to have this invitation to join you. 
TSM: How did you get your start in writing? Did you always want to be a writer?

CK: I’ve always pondered deeply about life, I suppose that’s a better answer than whether I wanted to specifically be a writer. I’m a questioner of everything. I’ve always been someone who questions every question, and I instantly go to the bigger perspective of why something was asked. Growing up I often wondered why I wasn’t actually being asked the right question, like my intuition always took me a few questions ahead, and I’d answer that one instead. I think that must have driven my family a bit mad, but now I see it as a big part of my journey to doing the work that I do. 

Writing was the first step for me to be able to delve into these wider perspectives of life, and to touch into the collective depth of realities that we all have access to. This inspired writing has evolved over time, to allow me now to tap into directly channeling higher wisdom, and inspiration, where I explore deeply to support humanity with the weirdness of Life in our present times.

TSM: Can you recall the very first piece of writing you wrote?
CK: The most important thing I ever wrote, in getting me to ‘here’, was one word… Louise. I still have the notebook that I wrote it in, and I often look back on the complexity, and bravery of writing that simple word. You see, for my whole life, I’ve been ‘sensitive’, and my childhood nights were plagued by fears when I would see faces in my room, hear voices, and feel people sit on my bed when there was no one there. I was often taken into different realities in my dreams, and saw terrifying visions of things which would make no sense until I was much, much, older. Because of this fear, I turned away from anything at all that was ‘weird’, and it wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I actively made the decision to start investigating what was really going on. 

So one night, I chose to put a notebook by my bed, and turned directly toward the things that had terrified me. I chose to dream, and to remember, and that one word, was the first aspect of inspiration I brought back with me from a profound vision – it was a name that came with me out of the dream – and in the act of writing it down, my life changed. It was, if you like the first time I brought the ‘not thisness’, back with me into this reality of this life.  

TSM: What inspired you to get into coaching and motivational speaking?

CK: Over the years, I saw my shelves get filled with notebooks, all with questions I’d asked of life as I’d been awakening and growing, and questioning – myself, reality, connection, perspectives and humanity. As this library of work got more and more profound, I also saw a shift in the clients that I was seeing in my Marketing business shift and change. 
Even though this ‘writer/channeler’ part of me was very much hidden at that time, spiritual teachers, healers, authors, and transformational guides in every which way, started to find their way to me. I was able to blend all of me into the day to day work that I did at that time, and found myself not only creating websites and branding materials for people, but also helping them to elevate their own perspectives, and grow into these new expanded visions of themselves. My clients started to recommend me to each other saying, “you need to speak to Magic Cat,” and from there on, my work as a coach and transformational mentor has grown ‘magically’ all by itself. 
TSM: You said, “It’s taken me years to finally grow into the bravery I’ve needed, to become all I need to be, to do the work that I do.” What steps did you take to grow and be who you are today?

CK: Stepping out fully in the world, and bringing all of who you are for everyone to see, is one of the bravest and most courageous things that any of us can ever do. It takes facing our deepest fears, and standing in determination, to always choose to be ‘ME’. Choosing to ‘be me’, over and over and over again; feeling, and working through every level of discomfort, but still choosing ‘me’, is the journey we all undertake as we walk this path to finding and being the best version of ourselves that we can be – and everyday, we’re becoming a new, greater version of that. 
Most of us spend our lives hiding behind what we think we ought to be, or what we’ve drifted into, rather than knowing that we are ALL here to be something truly unique and powerful. 
Let’s be honest, being a channeler with a collective collaboration called The Crew, is not an easy space to stand in and say, “yep, that’s me – you don’t have to like it, I don’t need your approval – that’s who I am.” I now deeply believe in myself, and the expansive work that I do, as I’ve seen the transformations that happen, and the perspectives shift in the people I work with time, and time again.

TSM: What is your approach to coaching? And tell us about the types of sessions you offer.

CK: My coaching work now is primarily with visionary leaders, and Soul-led Warriors, who are ready to face themselves, ask deep questions, and bring the truest light of who they are – and the creations that want to come through them – out into this world. I explain the work that I do as being an evolutionary guide, as I take each person I work with on a journey of questioning and expanding their perspectives on their lives, and work that they do. It is my job, in collaboration with The Crew to help what I call the Light Bringers in this world – stay at the most expansive edge of their evolution and creative potential. It’s at this leading edge that we’re creating what is truly needed for the next steps for humanity – we’re birthing the answers to questions that haven’t been thought of yet.  But so many of us are tempted to stay less than what we are, because people without vision, and a more limited perspective, tell us ‘how it should be done.’
I know that sounds pretty scary, but I’m honestly a kind and caring guide (as much as I can be when I have the weight of the collective behind me, lol), and my clients know that if they want the next level, and want to expand quickly, I can help. 
I also offer support, channeled guidance and messages, to everyone living a life as best we can in these times – plus, answers to questions from The Crew and my own general ponderings on life. 
I so love my job, and pinch myself everyday, in gratitude, that I get to do what I do.
TSM: You also say that, “every new challenge holds within it the chance to see life from a new perspective.” I know that the recent months have been a particularly challenging time for so many on different levels. What new perspective do you see from today’s life challenges?
CK: We’re certainly living an unprecedented time, and I don’t see things settling down very quickly for any of us. However, even as bad as it seems, I do see how this period has allowed us to re-find ourselves, and each other. It has reminded us how truly connected we all are. Humanity used to live in a collaborative world, where we all recognised how we are a part of a collective, and not just us as humans, but with the planet itself. And I believe we all felt that initial wave of remembering what’s really important to us all – and most importantly remembering what our own personal truth, and what we want for ourselves, and for this world to be, actually is. 

Now that the pendulum is moving more into a time of fear of ‘what is the new normal’, I hope that we can stay reminded of those days where neighbors looked out for each other, and we watched nature return to places in the world where it had been pushed out for so long. 
TSM: If you had the power to do something in the world today, what would it be and why?

CK: If I had the power, in just one single breath, to let every human being on this planet, truly connect to their own infinite potential, I believe this world would change in an instant. If we could all for one second, know, really truly know, how special, unique, powerful, and capable we all are, imagine the change that would happen. World shifting ideas would be the normal space where we imagine business, commerce, education and energy for the generations to come. Fear of losing out would be replaced, with an infinite knowing that there is always more to be found and uncovered. Innovation would be replaced with exploration, looking to radical new potentials, instead of rehashing old concepts. The idea of ‘I can’t’, being replaced by, ‘I can, I just need to try’ would be the norm for our children. 
Is this a dream, or where humanity is already shifting toward? Time will tell, but these next generations fill me with hope that the world will be changing. Maybe not in a Thanos’esque, click of the fingers, but over time, with every new person standing in their own light – and choosing differently. 

TSM: What is one of your favourite quotes (or lines) that inspires you?

CK: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein.
This was a quote I first heard when I was struggling to understand the ‘worth’ of the channeling work that I was starting to do, as from a ‘marketing’ angle it made zero sense at all. “How does this fix a problem, how does bringing more questions when we only started with one, really help find a solution?” I was asking.
But if we really want to change this world in which we live, we HAVE to take a leap, being open to the widest perspectives, and actively being willing to let go of all that we think we know – and move into creating from the unknown – actively connecting to inspiration, lifting ourselves into a space of adventure, and exploration. 
That’s why I’ll never stop listening, never stop questioning the questions beyond the questions – and bringing a new, infinite perspective with the work that I do. 
TSM: Anything else you’d like to share? And where can readers find out more about you and your work?

CK: Thank you so much for inviting me to join you here in this interview. You can find all about me, and my work at, and you’ll also find links to follow me on social media, and YouTube.  
TSM: Thanks so much again for doing an interview with TSM, and wish you all the best in the future.

CK: I’m excited to see where TSM evolves, and bravo for making your passion real, with all that you do.

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