Interview with Dr. Linda Salvin

Dr. Linda Salvin: Talk Show Host,
Metaphysician and Psychic

Dr. Linda Salvin is a metaphysical clinician and psychic with powerful healing abilities. She combines her scientific background with her spiritual gifts into a unique holistic method that will assist you on your life journey and help you find the answers to your most burning questions. (Taken from

TSM: Linda, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do an interview for TSM. Your interview with Betty Dravis gave me such an inspiration, so I’m honored with the opportunity to have you here.
Dr. LS: Hi Jessica! What a surprise and honor to be asked to be featured in your TALENT Magazine. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to talk about my journey and shall we say, unique experiences with your audience. I hope they find my words inspiring and they feel comfortable contacting me if they feel moved to do so afterwards. Keep up the great work you are doing, Jessica! Love, Linda.
TSM: Firstly, I know that it was a series of devastating accidents that transformed your life because they led you down your psychic and spiritual journey. The beginning of your psychic and spiritual changes took place around the first of three near-death experiences you’ve had. In this time you had an out-of-body experience sliding down a ramp from a commercial airliner crash in 1981. This was your first premonition and your life changed forever from this day onwards. And with all the experiences you’ve had, your spiritual connection and psychic abilities kept growing. What did the out-of-body experience feel like? And what kinds of changes did you have to make in life to cope with your life’s transformation?

Dr. LS: Jessica, let me clarify and explain what you are stating here. Yes, it is true that I have experienced three near-death experiences and they all occurred within a short period of time. The first occurred on February 17, 1981. I was on company business out of Los Angeles and working in San Jose on assignment for the day. I was only four years out of graduate school, where I earned my Master of Public Health degree in Epidemiology (epidemics). I was an Environmental Health Specialist for an Insurance company.  While sitting in the terminal coffee shop with my partner, I had looked at a plane sitting outside the window and made a comment that it looked as if the plane would crack in half. I had seen a line around the seventeenth aisle, beyond the wing. My partner did not see what I had seen, which was my premonition. An hour or so later, we crash-landed, stripping the landing gear, an engine fell off and, the plane cracked in half on the seventeenth aisle where I had the vision.
Without going into graphic detail of the crash, I arrived at the door, which my partner kicked open as the flight attendant ran down the aisle urging everyone off before the plane blew, as we only had ninety seconds before we’d asphyxiate. I found there were no stairs and was gently guided down the chute. Halfway down the glide, an energy-rush for lack of better term, entered and exited my body at the same time and a loud voice spoke to me which I’d never heard before. I hit the ground on my knees. Wearing a winter-white business skirt and blazer, I gathered my purse and briefcase and ran on the field, not knowing where I was going. I stopped on the field and felt fifty feet out of my body on the left side. Once at the paramedic station, I explained I was split in half, a sensation I felt for about four to six months. I had an out-of-body experience that literally took a long time to integrate and feel normal again.
It was the beginning of the changes for me. I never was the same. It was the beginning of a long transformation, change, internal and very psychic time for me. I did not understand it, I was frightened; scared; in therapy; unable to sleep well; hearing things; seeing things and not connecting to people or life as I had previously. No one could relate to me and I could not relate to people. The psychic craze was still, shall we say, “in the closet” and I did not know who to turn to.
I did visit one psychic early on and when I entered her home, her back was to me and she immediately said, “Oh, you’re a walk-in; sit down.” I asked what she meant and she explained it is when a person is near death and a soul exchange occurs. I told her I had just been in a plane crash. She suggested a book to read. I was told whatever entered me was a psychic. At the time, I thought she was nuts. Soon after, I found she was correct, LOL.
The out-of-body of experience for me was like being split in half as I mentioned. And the woman I visited, verified that whoever entered, entered on an angle which is where the split came from. It was months and months before the integration was completed. Little by little memories of the past disappeared and the new me evolved. It was uncomfortable and I fought it. I have intellect from education, but wisdom and insight spiritually I never studied, but which flows out of me as if I were a natural born sage. I began saying things to people and events happened, timing was near-exact and I discovered the gift.
Unfortunately, I was not prepared nor accepting so I ran for eleven years. During that time, I was hit by a fire truck (in my car) in 1982 – the time of my second NDE where I rose above my body but sustained arm and neck injuries. Believe it or not, I had surgery to correct the nerve damage from that incident in 2008 after the City of LA denied any problems twenty five years earlier. It caught up with me and was quite painful. In 1983, I was rear-ended and in 1984, I totaled a car on a very rainy night; I broadsided a car in an intersection as we both crossed through and as my car spun out. As God is my witness, a white light went from the top of my head, through the roof of my Camero and into the Heavens; again, I heard the same loud voice that spoke to me while sliding down the chute of the plane, “You can come with us now or stay and do your….”I was given a message I choose not to disclose in this interview, Jessica. When the paramedics came to get me out of my car, I began to scream, “they want me off the planet, they want me off the planet!” because of all I had been through in just three years.
One would think I could just get up and walk away, go enjoy life and be grateful, full of gratitude and vigor but that was not the case. Confusion, more fear, intensifying psychic voices and visions and loneliness engulfed my being. I had to heal then find a place to fit in. It was very difficult. Those were just the three NDEs…and I had not begun my profession yet. Ready for more of the story?
Let’s keep going. I struggled with the changes in work, having left corporate for academic for awhile and then in 1989 taught AIDS education to kids on parole in the CA Youth Authority. I was on my way home from a concert one night and was in an accident on the Hollywood freeway here in Los Angeles; someone crossed the lane, hit me, I spun out. I remember asking God to help me as I could not find the brake pedal. The car came to a halt perpendicular to eight lanes of on-coming traffic. I turned the car around and drove to the other cars who had pulled over to the embankment. We exchanged information for insurance purposes. I returned home with a headache.
The next day it was worse and by Monday I was in excruciating pain. I went to a neurologist, who told me I had about two years of healing ahead, and I argued I had just had years of healing and I had no time to waste. I found a chiropractor who unlocked the pain in one session. I quit my job and began waitressing and playing music around town. I felt it was time to get out of doing professional work and find a new path. Music was something I always loved and started at age nine with playing guitar. I fell ill right after the holidays in 1990-91 and passed out in a restaurant where I had been playing. I was with a friend of mine. I was hemorrhaging so bad I could not drive home. The next day I called the doctor and went to see him. He scheduled a D&C sometime in early February, and told me we would watch it, or I may need a hysterectomy. I told him I would not be a statistic. The next month I was.

TSM: After a hysterectomy and healing work, your body was developing more and more benign tumors. Each surgery elevated your gift, and after the first surgery you learned that you had the gift of transmediumship. Can you elaborate a little more on transmediumship?
Dr. LS: Soon after I began healing from the surgery, I was hired to work as a psychic at a party. There was a woman there who asked a few questions. I was lead to hold her hands, ask a few questions and before I knew it, energy was coming out of my hands and I was working with her. She called the next day to thank me. As it turned out, she was an MPD patient (Multiple Personality Disorder) and had twenty six personalities. She called to say her mind was quiet and only had one voice. I asked what she was talking about. She explained, I was shocked and invited her over. We discussed things further then contacted her mother in Arizona. I worked with her one or two more times. Her mom flew out to LA to thank me and said no one had ever been able to help her daughter. I had healed her. It was the beginning of my healing career.  I put down my guitar.
Toward the end of my healing from the surgery, it was suggested that I apply to work for the then new Psychic Friends Network, a new phone line. Next thing I knew, the phone rang with people calling for help. I was then asked to be in their TV infomercial which aired in 1992-93 with Dionne Warwick. After awhile, I found people calling me and saying many of the psychics were wrong and I was the only one who knew what was right. I started to call other readers and found they were not legit, reading from books or just making things up. I left the network because we worked with real people and real lives.
I ventured out on my own and began my own practice, not knowing really what I was doing or where I was headed. I began reading people and people started to come to me by word of mouth. I began seeing groups of people, healing people, and was selected out of 365 people to work as a night-time psychic on a major Los Angeles FM radio station. That was in 1994 shortly after our earthquake; it was the beginning of my broadcasting career.
The creative director saw my potential and took me under his wing and trained me in radio. From there I began my own show and eventually was nationally syndicated. Through radio, I acquired my clients. I’ve read many celebrities too. From healing people, I would often wipe my hands on my hips and thighs afterwards. I ended up developing several tumors in my body. I have had several surgeries, where over 100 angio lypomas were removed from my hips and thighs.
During the summer of 1997, I discovered the scars on my thighs from the surgery a year before were the exact positioning of my fingers and thumbs; I could see my hand imprint equal to my scars. I began to put it together, that all the work I was doing in helping others was terrific, but I was putting the negative energy back into myself. I learned to cleanse and protect myself between sessions so that by 1999, my last multiple tumor surgery was complete. In late 2008 I did have a few tumors removed but nothing like years before.
It was after the first series of tumors were removed in 1996 that a client came for a reading and he asked if I could pick up anything about his recently deceased wife. I said I did not do that kind of work. Then without knowing it, she began to channel through me and he sat there dumbfounded, stating I looked and sounded like his wife. I began describing events, discussing intimate details only he would know of their life together and gave messages of comfort. I called a mentor of mine back then to learn I was now a transmedium.
Transmediumship is the ability to transfer between the third dimension as we know it and communicate with spirits who have crossed over to the other side. Jessica, I honestly do not know how I do it or why me. I never dreamed of wanting to, was curious or sought instruction. It just happened. The blessing is the gratitude I receive in helping grieving individuals who have come to me with questions about their loved ones and I have been able to connect, communicate and give closure. It does not matter if the person committed suicide, died of an illness, accident or natural cause. I have been able to communicate with babies who died of SIDS, a miscarried fetus and more. The spirit goes on to another dimension. We cannot cremate the soul.
Jessica, when you published my original interview several years ago, I was very active with channeling. I retired from communicating with the dead officially in June, 2018. I can still hear and feel but I have decided it was not healthy for me anymore. I was too involved with that reality, I was missing a part of the physical realm.

TSM: What is the most challenging part to a client session? Is there a special time of day that works better for a particular type of session you’re doing than others?
Dr. LS: The only challenge I have discovered through my years as a holistic or metaphysical practitioner is when I work with a skeptic. The energy may be blocked and a bit more difficult to reach, so I am forced to work and dig deeper to break through to prove myself, or alter their perspective so they can understand the spiritual message they are meant to receive at the moment. It is hard work most people do not comprehend. I am like a sponge, absorbing their energy and thoughts, seeing, hearing and feeling things quickly and then I have to analyze, recite and communicate in layman’s terms a message or prediction to guide them properly.
I am not God, no psychic is. I can only shed light upon a person’s path as I see it most appropriate for the individual I am working with at the moment. We all have various issues we are dealing with mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. My job is to integrate them and focus on the spiritual for balance and harmony, so we are at peace within ourselves. With healing, I have discovered our bodies hold memories in our cells, organs, bones and tissues; by removing the negative, we can heal and find peace; grief from loss is replaced with comfort when I channel messages. Predictions in reading give hope and when the events occur, the light has been shined on the path with guidance as to what to expect in advance. It’s fun and gratifying…especially when events unfolds.

TSM: You mentioned the ouija board. What exactly is this and how does it work? What makes it dangerous?
Dr. LS: Hasbro and other game companies have made Ouija boards for years. I never played with them as a child. As an adult, a friend of mine had one and we began to test spiritual entities. As it turned out, I was able to directly communicate with a few deceased friends of mine very effectively. Confirmation would come through clearly and predictions made were about ninety per cent accurate. I could spend hours on the board with the needle and keep notes not just for entertainment, but for spiritual information from the other side. I honestly do not know how it works other than spirits are called in and I know that people have been attacked and even died when not using the board properly. There are rules, books and now, with YouTube, you can see people being attacked by spiritual entities that are horrifying and disturbing. I have charged my clients to speak with my friends on the other side for messages; I have a clear connection and know how to clear and use the board. People who do not know how to protect themselves can be at tremendous risk. People often think it is ‘just a game’ but I am here as a spiritual professional to warn people to use caution around Ouija boards. There is a method to using them properly. I would be happy to help people, or work with them, but many can be spiritually and/or physically harmed.

TSM: I know you love to prove your psychic abilities to skeptics. Personally, I’m not skeptical and believe in spirits, ghosts, etc. I’ve never experienced anything though, but there is always a first to everything. My mom is very skeptical though. So, what do you say to skeptics?
Dr. LS: LOL, Jessica, I never believed in any of this until it happened to me. I had an interest in astrology only to see if I were compatible with my boyfriend or something simple like that when I was younger. What people need to understand is that we all have intuition to some degree. Intuition is not to be confused with psychic energy. It is very different, as I have learned through the years. In psychic phenomena we have clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudient (hearing) and clairsentience (feeling) of events. To a skeptic, I often argue, if God did not want me to have the gift, why did He give it to me? Or how do you know psychic or spiritual gifts do not exist until you have a reading or healing session? In other words, don’t judge until you try. How do you know you do not like chocolate ice cream without tasting it?
As for ghosts, I am not a paranormal specialist like those who specialize in ghost hunting; that is another aspect of the vast field. I am a metaphysician, which combines theology and psychology, specializing in the person more than the paranormal although I have had a few apparitions. Everyone has their own opinions, experiences, fears and doubts. Again, how do you know until you experience or witness what is unknown, unusual, foreign or new? And, with the story of my journey, believe me, I am one skeptic that became a believer by getting hit over the head with it, LOL. I went back to earn my PhD in metaphysics at age fifty-four to quantify the experiences, science and facts with the ‘woo-woo’ of the spiritual world many do not understand. I have seen and understand both sides and love it all.
TSM: You started in radio in 1994, where you worked for Psychic Friends Network, and were in an infomercial with Dionne Warwickfor two seasons. What was the infomercial experience like?
Dr. LS: See answer above where I touched upon this. I rose to national recognition and doors opened. I started on Psychic Friends Network as a paid psychic for the infomercial with Dionne Warwick and now deceased, famous psychic, Linda Georgian.  That was 1992-93. I was selected for radio programming in 1994. 
I also learned a lot about the TV industry and how they use people for their own benefit and profit and unless you have an agent, you can be used and bought out. You would be surprised how many ‘stars’ are in infomercials and reality shows but do not make any money. The experience was fun, I made friends and it opened my eyes to the psychic field and a wonderful way.
In 2010, Mark Wexler, a documentary producer and director, as well as son of the famous choreographer, Haskell Wexler, called after hearing me on the air. He put me in his movie, How To Live Forever. You can google it and find the film. He interviewed many celebrities who have since passed, centurions, technology firms for preserving life and interviewing people all over the world for the secret to a long life. I am interviewed as channeling his mom who had passed away and he went to discover life extension.
TSM: How are things coming along with your music? You mentioned playing guitar. How long have you been playing it? Have you had lessons, or are you self-taught?
Dr. LS: I was just nine years old when my mother asked if I wanted to learn to play guitar. I started lessons and continued until I was seventeen. I wanted to go into music professionally but was discouraged from doing so. I could not understand why and suppressed my feelings. I continued to play all through college and grad school. I am very folk-oriented and write my own lyrics now. After the plane crash, I had an opportunity for a record contract in 1982, but I ran from it and have regretted it. I had another opportunity in 1994 when I was at the fork in the road between music and radio; I obviously chose radio. No matter how many lessons I have had, I have my own style, ear and timing. My rhythm is unique and my sound is my own ; you will always know it’s a Linda Salvin song – I play a few of the old demoed songs on radio now.

TSM: Tell us about your candle line Wicks of Wisdom and the Strawberry Laser Lipo because I’m sure TSM readers would be interested in hearing about them.

Dr. LS: Wicks of Wisdom, Jessica, is my spiritual candle line which I developed in 1999 while on the radio nationwide. I was introduced to candle magic by various practitioners but nothing seemed to work for me. Like most people, I was interested in money and love, of course. I was introduced to a man who trained me in his family’s ancient formula. I was frightened and skeptical at first. What was a nice Jewish girl like me doing in a place like that, I wondered. I was not sure it would work but low and behold, it did.
I took the formula of oils, powders and candles, performed the rituals and saw magic. Wow! I was shocked. I called the man back, he explained how I could help my clients and he would be happy to train me and I would buy from him. Wicks of Wisdom were born and I trademarked my slogan, “…like a prescription for your soul.” (r) At one point, we had forty-four sets of candles with their formulas. These candles, when combined with specific formulas of essential oils, herbs, powders, and petitions, color, time and fire, work in conjunction with the universal God and energies to create change.  I help people accumulate change in finances, luck, health, legal issues, love and many other areas. I have testimony upon testimony of how lives have been affected, changed, improved, saved and blessed with my Wicks of Wisdom. In 2005, I raised money with investors and produced an infomercial for TV; we did ok with it but have had some administrative and financial problems. I hired Kris Jenner to be my spokesperson. A year later, and after burning candles, they got Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
I used to attend an Chassidic temple for Kabbalah class and the Rabbi approved of the Wicks of Wisdom and my work. He said I should’ve been a Rabbi. Unfortunately, he has passed away and I never got his letter in writing. The candles are mentioned in Kabbalah. As the Rabbi said, when I found the passage, “Yes, Linda, they come from somewhere!” The wick is equal to the soul of man. It’s all about God.

People can visit. for more information.   I will be happy to assist them. I have assembled a package unlike anything out there for candle magic. I have done the research. They create the magic. The beauty of Wicks of Wisdom is they do not depend on the position of the moon, any specific day of the week or need a believer. Skeptics are welcome here! I teach everyone to become their own alchemist.
I offer people an opportunity to improve their by contouring their body.  In 2018, I was certified by Strawberry Laser Lipo out of England. I work with doctors and patients to lose inches.  The laser is painless, with no downtime, pain or scaring. Just 8 sessions of 40 minute treatments and a person can lose a minimum of 3 ½ inches in their circumference. This is all explained on my website as well. 
As a health educator, spiritualist and metaphysician, I do what I can to find products that improve our well-being. Most people band-aid the situation. I find the cause and help with solutions for life. I have had the experiences, pain and suffering in many areas and have achieved healing and growth to share from the adversity. The mind, body and spirit is strong and we are to be whole on God’s planet.
I love working with souls one at a time to help each person heal. I love to shine the light on their path, to help direct their journey through life. If they would like me assist with their purpose, progress or transformation, they can reach me at or 888 509 1077.

TSM: What are some projects that you’re currently working on?
Dr. LS: Jessica, I am currently writing my memoir. I am currently signing a contract with an agency in Washington, DC to promote my book to publishers. I am building my podcast system, replaying shows from the 90s and mid 2000s. You have to remember I started broadcasting before there was an internet.
I believe it was 2016. Our mutual friend, Betty Dravis, famous author now passed on, wrote a short story called Heavy Metal.  Producer and director, Jennifer Dawn, called and asked if I would play a part. My friends, Katherin Koven Pacino and Bill Lashbrook and I flew to Arkansas and with other members of the cast, filmed the story. It’s available online.
I have acted, been on TV, most recently last year on CBS’ Face The Truth. I do many interviews
and write articles from time to time.
TSM: If you had the power to do something in the world today, what would it be and why?
Dr. LS: If I had the power to stop child abuse and animal abuse I would. I would teach people to stop physically and emotionally abusing innocent children who need nothing more than love to build their self-worth and self-esteem. We have enough to deal with peer pressure and struggles in life with competition of others. It is difficult with parents who are abusive due to their abusive backgrounds. Some were abused, some were alcoholic or addictive. If people were to heal more spiritually, not religiously mind you, there would be more peace, acceptance, balance, harmony and unconditional love in the family and then in the world. The same goes for animals. Dogs, cats, horses, elephants, birds, rabbits, bears, etc.
I obviously love life. It breaks my heart when I hear how domestic animals are abused by people. And for what purpose? Fun? Ritual? Lack of respect? Because the helpless animal is there? Animals have feelings. They speak with moans, groans, and in their own fantastic and unique voice. Or, you see photos of sad, isolated, depressed animals alone in a cage or well. Who are we as humans to abuse cows, lions, or any living being? If I were powerful enough to wave a magic wand and bring anything great to the planet, it would eliminate child and animal abuse…for a start, Jessica.
TSM: What is one of your favorite quotes (or lines) that inspires you?
Dr. LS: Some of my favorite quotes are “everything happens in time for a reason”…seems we have to go through a situation only to see in retrospect why the delay or purpose afterward, right? God’s rejection is God’s protection…something doesn’t happen to protect for something better. A coincidence is God acting anonymously…the mysterious and synchronicity of life is often best left to the wonders of God and the Universe.
TSM: Anything else you’d like to share? And where can our readers find out more about you and your work?
Dr. LS: As of this year, 2020, I still love what I do, I love helping people and I know that through the adverse, frightening and confusing years of my indoctrination, awakening and challenges, I have grown with confidence in what I do to assist people. Again, as I have said, anyone is free to contact me by phone at 888 509 1077,, Facebook and Twitter. However, there are fees for my services, as with any professionals. People often feel I should work for free. I have to pay bills like everyone. There is an old saying, “God steers, He does not row.”
The Covid 19 Pandemic has obviously changed the lives for everyone. We have lost our homes, businesses, relationships, politics, faith and trust. I know if we get a handle on the spiritual side again and look at this as a Hallway of Transformation, we can get through this. We need to stay safe and help each other. I do my best to break through the horrible negativity out there.
TSM: Thanks again for doing this interview and wish you all the best with everything in the future.
Dr. LS: Thank you, Jessica. I hope I have been an enlightening contribution to your fabulous Talent Magazine. This has been your passion and pride for years now. I am honored to be a part of the rebirth and wish you nothing but success. God bless, stay safe…Dr. Linda

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