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Kaye A. Peters: Author

Kaye A. Peters is indeed one-of-a-kind. She would be the first to say she is not unique, but after you read her books, you may think differently! Kaye’s mantra, “Just Sayin'” is who she is! On her Facebook page, she provides hundreds of unscripted videos and intuited posters, and she continues to produce her live streams, Just Sayin’ Live’, whenever she is spontaneously nudged. She has been relentless, as she has continued to spread her messages, which manifested even more when she published these three books in the short period of October, 2017 to January, 2019. She’ll tell you it’s about attitude, frame of mind, self-love, trusting self, trusting Source Energy, facing the truths about self, a willingness to make desired personal changes, and getting on with creating the wonderful life that’s for the taking and not to be taken for granted. Kaye absolutely loves the privilege of living her life. (Taken from Amazon)

TSM: Thank you so much for doing an interview for Talent Spotlight Magazine. It’s great to have you part of it.

KP: I’m happy to do it for you.

TSM: What inspired you to create a blog and get into writing?

KP: Well, there was a time in my life, I was seventy eight years old then, that was five years ago. Actually, it happened July 4, 2015 when I opened that blog up. I was just looking at my computer, and I had just changed over from dial-up service to a faster internet. So, I was having fun on the internet looking at whatever I was seeing because I could never do that with dial-up service. And out of the blue, I picked up, Make Your Own Blog. I knew nothing about it, and I could hardly operate the computer, much less the blog. It was very risky and daring. I was just in that mood that day and something pushed me to do it.

I have always been a writer. I wrote children’s stories when I was around thirty five. They were never published, I’ve written five of them. Fifty years ago, you submitted directly to the publishers. Publishers very rarely gave you comments, as they send back a manuscript and say they can’t use it. I did get comments on two of my books; that they couldn’t publish them, but recommended I send them out to other publishers. I still never got published.

TSM: Can you recall the very first piece of writing you wrote?

KP: The children’s books were the first thing I actually did to submit for publication. I was an administrative assistant. My boss was never around, so I was very bored, and I started writing children’s stories during my work day. That’s how I really started doing it. I had two sons, who were young, and so I’d read the stories to them and they loved them. They were my backboard.

Of course, when I got on the internet, that’s when I ended up joining The Royal Society. I saw Bryant and Jenni McGill’s Christmas video in 2015, and I was inspired by that particular presentation. So, I joined The Royal Society, and that’s where I got all my dare and riskiness to do videos, start pages and all that. Marie Fay was very instrumental in me getting my first page Just Sayin’.

TSM: What is the inspiration behind your website name, The Interactive Passage of Energy Between Us?

KP: When I started that, I just did it, named it, set it, it was like I was being inspired. That’s how I think of it anyway. It was coming from the inside going to the outside. I began a personal transformation five years ago. I use my blog as an excavation into my authenticity.

TSM: You have four published books: The Book of Kaye (I Am), Just Sayin (Three’s A Charm), Unbridled Commentary….Without Flinch: From A Woman of Years in the Middle of Her Life, and My Beginning Game Without End (A Handbook to Self-Renewal).

Tell us a bit about each of your books.

KP: I actually wrote three books, and then the fourth book is the compilation of the three. The fourth book is called, Just Sayin (Three’s A Charm).

I wrote Unbridled Commentary…Without Flinch: From A Woman of Years in the Middle of Her Life in 2017, two years after I started the book. All of a sudden, I wanted to write a book. I have started many books in the past, and I never finished them. This one I started and finished without any problem.

I wrote The Book of Kaye (I Am) a year after, and My Beginning Game Without End (A Handbook to Self-Renewal) is one that is more spiritually based. In some ways, I’m proudest of this book and the reason I am is I have a doctor, a psychiatrist who wrote the foreword for this book. I really wanted him to read it as a backboard to make sure I wasn’t off base on anything. He read it, and loved the book. He agreed to write a foreword for the book That made me feel good.

I have to tell you that when I wrote these books, I was already in a good place in my beingness that I felt so good about writing them.

TSM: How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

KP: It didn’t change my process at all. I had people on my team. Maria McMahon was an advisor to me and her brother, Dec McMahon, designed was the cover for my first book. Janette Hoeksema, my deep friend and messenger, whom I dedicated the book to, was with me through all my books. Sharon Brownlie was my full mentor, my formatter, and subsequent cover designer for the three remaining books. She guided me through the entire publishing process.

TSM: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

KP: It was just a matter of starting up one day and I never wanted to stop. So, I just kept writing every day. I wasn’t obsessed with doing it, but I was very consistent with writing.

TSM: Tell us about a book (or books) that had a profound impact on your life or intellectual development.

KP: That’s easy to answer. The first book that really knocked me out on the head, As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. That’s a very short read, a very good read and I found it when I was like 22 or 23. I was holding onto a chest of drawers for a neighbour. You know, your natural habit is to pull out drawers to make sure there is nothing in them. Well, that book was laying right inside a drawer and I took it out. It was inscribed inside by the man’s father. It said something like, “whoever has found this book, you have found it for a reason, please read it through, it will do miracles in your life.” Boy, was that the truth! That was the most meaningful book to me.

TSM: What are some key beliefs you hold about living a fulfilling and successful life?

KP: If you can’t be honest with yourself, you can’t be honest with anybody else either. If you believe you’re a victim, you are absolutely powerless, and when you take responsibility for exactly who you are and what you’re up to you have all the power in the world. Whatever attention and intention you have creates the choices and actions that you make, and of course, that creates your world. Everything that you believe is how you perceive life. You can switch lenses and you switch your perceptions. We see what we want to see, but that doesn’t mean we’re seeing what really is there. We have to keep looking until we see what really is there, not what we think is there, or what we want to see is there.

TSM: What advice would you give those currently ten years younger than you about how to make best use of the next decade?

KP: I live in the NOW. I’m eighty-three, so if I’m talking to a seventy-three year old person, I am a person that says I have no endgame. I conduct my life like it’s going to go on forever. I do not see myself changing because I’m old – chronologically old. Mentally, I feel about 55-60. Physically, of course, we change all the time as we age. There are little changes all the time; we notice them more as we get older and we make adjustments.

As for a seventy-three year old, my guess is 1 out of 10 might have some energy and believes they still have a lot of life in them. But I think 9 out of 10 are thinking more about dying than about living. And I think we have to think about living as long as we’re alive. It’s as simple as that. Whatever we can do to live we do it.

TSM: Anything else you’d like to share?

KP: I think you have a really good composite about me when you read this. I enjoy life, and I think it’s a shame if a person can’t get up in the morning, and realize there are always many things that a person can be grateful for, and to build on that gratitude because an attitude of gratitude allows us to realize our blessings.

TSM: Thanks again for taking time out of your day for this interview and wish you all the best always.

KP: Jessica, I want to thank you for asking me. It is a privilege.

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  1. Wonderful interview. Kaye Peters has come to terms with life as demonstrated in her writings in three of her books – read, enjoyed and highly recommend. She displays honesty and life’s wisdom.

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