Interview with Mark Bajerski by Jessica Gilbert


Healer of Hearts

Mark is a deeply spiritual man who never forces his work on anyone, knowing that for those who are destined to find him, Spirit will always find a way to make this divine moment happen.

Mark’s reputation as an emphatic healer, spiritual guide and most caring man has led to huge demand for his work both in Spain and internationally. Mark bases his work at his studio in Mijas Pueblo, Spain. The studio provides a very peaceful space for people to meet with Mark and the healing energy that floods the room can be felt from the moment you enter.

For almost ten years Mark has used his incredible gifts of healing and connection to Spirit to help countless amounts of people around the world to overcome painful challenges; emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Mark feels deeply privileged to be able to share in the healing process of others and he is very humbled by his work – working as a channel for pure energy-healing.

A natural empath and fondly referred to as the ‘healer of hearts,’ Mark has the ability to almost instantly connect with anyone who walks into his presence. His psychic and spiritual healing abilities enable Mark to provide information to those who seek his help; assisting people to clear away painful issues, understand the source of their pain, and through pure energy healing, to unblock this pain trapped as negative energy within.

(Extract taken from his website…for more on him visit his site at

I spent a beautiful afternoon up in Mijas Pueblo, where Mark’s studio is located, and experienced a reading and healing session in one. I must say it truly was an indescribable experience. Following that afternoon, I came away feeling much more at peace with myself. Highly recommend a visit to everyone and I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks so much to Mark for taking time out of  his busy schedule to spend the afternoon with me up there, and doing this interview for TSM; it’s truly a great honour to have him in the magazine.

1959548_4141838481412_1452302172_nJessica: Tell us a little bit about your background as a child and family.

Mark: I was born in West Yorkshire, a place called Huddersfield. My Father was a second lieutenant in the Polish army in charge of a hundred tanks, so what he’d seen and been through must have been something horrific. My Mother was a loving, Italian lady and they met in the war. She wanted to be an opera singer, but unfortunately, she had a throat operation; something happened and she could never sing like she wanted to. Bless her. I was brought up with a loving Mother, and a Father who was basically the demons of the war; his Father and his Father were very, very hard. So, he was a very abusive man to us all. I was one of the luckiest ones out of the family because of being the youngest at seven years old. My Dad was very angry with all of us, but think I didn’t get it as hard as the rest.

I was just a young lad with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, which was quite difficult back in those days because nobody actually acknowledged it. So, I was kind of like the school idiot and was often sent outside in the middle of the playground. And a lad that used to be at Headmaster’s ready for a strap; called a nobody.

Also had a lot of enthusiasm as a kid and always saw opportunities. So, what I lacked in intellect, I was streetwise and learned to make money very quick. As I grew up I became an Entrepreneur that took me to many places. I was a good and kind kid, never hurt anybody, didn’t fight and didn’t like fighting. In fact, every time I had a fight, I’d cry. I had a soft heart and don’t believe in fighting or war. I believe in love and believe people should be happy living a happy life.

Jessica: How did you become an Accidental Psychic ?

Mark: That happened eight years ago. Having the stress of five businesses in the UK, we decided one day on a flimb that we should move to Spain and sounded like a great idea; that’s basically what we did. Had a look around, went all over for just a couple days to see where we’d like to live – that’s how crazy it was, and came up to this mountain. As soon as we drove up this mountain, we just knew it was it – we did as it just all made sense, didn’t know why but we knew this would be it. We tried looking everywhere else, up and down the coast, but knew this was the place.

Once we got here everything started to unfold. Unfolding means that I started to find myself and realize who I was; it was a hard and difficult path, but the right kinds of people always come into your life when you need them. That’s my belief anyway. The right people came into my life to show me who I was. Basically, they were telling me what I was doing, and giving me the answers to everything that I was seen and doing. So, it kind of started like that really; very, very coincidental with synchronicity  playing a great part. Still here today, eight years on, bewildered and astounded by what has happened in such a short period of time.

Jessica: What is special about this mountain?

Mark: There’s an energy up here that can’t be described, you can only sit here and feel it. And the energy for me is the word peace, it brings complete peace; I don’t have to think about or worry about anything. I just have to sit here and know where I am is exactly where I’m meant to be. And it just feels like I’m at home, so there’s no conflict in this mountain, it just feels natural. So, everything I feel here is with Mother Nature – listen to the birds, the silence and feel the energy of healing. I just feel healed here. Every time I leave here, I can’t wait to get back. I’m blessed to live here, I really am.

Encourage many people from all over the world to get yourself up here, and come and feel this energy. If you come up and feel this energy, it’s a good start, so when you leave here you know what kind of energy you like to live with and hold on to. So, it’s a great foundation for you to think that’s what I want. So, you leave here and hopefully hold onto that feeling, and try and create it wherever you are. I’m not asking everyone to come and live here, but maybe just experience it to realize there is more to life than just eating, sleeping and working.

599684_2364240882583_2129194836_nJessica: How do you prepare for healing/reading sessions?

Mark: I meditate most mornings. I ask everybody in the Spirit world to come and help. I believe that everybody who comes to me is brought to me for a reason, I don’t question that reason, I don’t need to know why. Just need to know I’m there, and get on and do my work within that morning.

I think the most important thing for my work is that I’ve got to be the happiest I can be, or else I won’t do it. If my wife’s had a go at me the night before because I left socks lying around and she’s doing my head in, I feel bad for it. I won’t work because I take that energy with me and that energy isn’t good. If I’m poorly, if I don’t feel well, or if I feel physically ill I won’t do my work. So, what I’m trying to say is that I have to work very hard to be as happy as I can be, to be able to do my work. Therefore, there is no negative influence when I’m doing a reading or healing with you. Whether it upsets customer or not, I would rather them walk away thinking he didn’t see me and I’m not happy with him, than them coming and doing a session with me, and then walking away saying that was terrible. Choose wisely and listen to your heart, not your head sometimes.

I certainly don’t do it for money cause if I did wouldn’t be doing this job. I made ten times as much money a week with my other businesses than what I’m doing. I’m happier with what little I have now than the money. So, I know that life isn’t all about money now, whereas before all I thought was being a business man and Entrepreneur; it doesn’t play any part in my life now.

Jessica: What do you work with in healing sessions? What is special about working with crystals?

Mark: One form of Meteorite crystal was blessed to our world fifty million years ago, which are excellent for working with. In each crystal, it calls information or memory. When working with a crystal and I’m working on a certain energy, for instance, if I’m helping somebody who has just lost a child and I’m helping heal them. In that session I’m working with a crystal at the same time, and the memory of the energy of healing that person for that specific issue is then implanted or put into the crystal. Then when somebody else takes that crystal, if they have an issue of maybe a loss of a child, that crystal will help them because  of the energy within that. So, I love working with crystals. Once one has been charged, when it’s ready, you know you can give that crystal to somebody and it will work magic. So, crystals are amazing. I tell people to wear a crystal. Normally, what happens with crystals is they call you, so if you need one, eventually one will find you. That’s one of the things I work with.

I work with oils, which are many, many different types of oils placed together in a big jar. Essential oils mixed together, and I add crystals to that, and then I place my hands over that jar. I have three jars now, and basically put energy into it, and then I give these oils to people to take with them after they’ve had a session. It helps open them up a lot more and helps heal them with certain situations. A lot of it is very specific, but very natural.

Spirit is the other person that I work with; I work with our Spirit world, people who are by our side who help us and they show us signs. My room is filled with signs – there’s pictures, all sorts. Within that room I can open my eyes and do a healing session, and be focused on a certain subject matter, and then I’ll know that’s where I need to go and heal. So, Spirit talks to you, speaks to you through cards, they whisper to you, you’ll have a feeling or an inclination that something feels right that needs to be done with a person. You’ll feel maybe a bit of negativity, or you may be focused on a leg or heart, you need to go to the heart. Just generally nudges us in the right direction.

So, with you, had a lot of focus on your head, so there was a lot of work going on in your head to try and bring a bit more peace. I found for you, you were finding it hard to find that peace and that balance. So, Spirit knows what they are doing, and they’re basically burning away all the negativity that is stored in the mind, which we all store – unresolved files I call them. We go through a situation and we don’t really know what happened there, but we store it and hold onto it. These files become more, and more, and more, and eventually your head feels as if it’s going to explode. A really good healer can place the hands over it and burn a lot of that away.  So, you can just have a glimpse or feeling of peace, or you feel a bit more relaxed. That’s energy; it’s nothing mind-blowing, but it is something that just brings a little bit of balance to our hectic life, and worries that we all have.

539913_2864923639339_1009696913_nJessica: What are your thoughts on Skeptics?

Mark: You know now it never seems to be an issue. There was a time when I first started. I remember one time this guy came up with his son, and they were sat in my reading room. And the big guy was looking at me across the reading room, and the young son, who was about twenty was sat opposite. When I finished the reading he smiled at me; turned to this man, who was his father, and the father looked at me. He said to me, “well, I’ve gotta say that you got that about 93% accurate. I don’t know how you did it, but very interesting.” So, I looked at the lad, and the lad looked at me and says, “my dad is a scientist.”

All that time I was thinking, you know what I do want to tell the world that this works, I do want to say to the world that a healer is good for children, that meditation is good for children, that we can see and help people that is beyond the mind. And now eight years on, I’m not interested in television; I turn that work down all the time. I’m not really interested in being famous anymore, which at one time I thought I’d like to be. Spending less and less time doing anything to do with media work really. I don’t mind doing radio because it’s in the moment, and it’s all there – uncut and unedited. We need to get our message out there, of course; but you know what for me now, I believe that the universe brings the right people and it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks. Here’s a man who sits in this beautiful place – eight years ago if you would have said to me that I’d be reading people’s futures, I would have said you’re a nutter, that they’re a bunch of crazy loonies, you know.

You know when somebody is a skeptic, I can look at them, and say that was me eight years ago. So, who am I to judge. I don’t judge people anymore, I’m past that, I accept people for whatever levels we are on in this journey. I’ve seen people who have been skeptics; sat with me with their legs and arms folded, and then when I finished would say (in this case with an Irish), “well, you know I was a skeptic, but actually you’ve opened my eyes.” I thought…you know Spirit is pretty good at that; when the time is right, at one stage or another, you’ll say that it’s really coincidental, or omg, I don’t know what happened there, or how that happened. Or I was in a car accident and should be dead now, but I was protected and do believe there’s something.

You know I’ll tell you something very special now. One thing I’ve learned about this is you’ll never ever prove life after death, it’s not meant to be proven. You will never, ever, ever encounter an Angel and film it on camera. You will never take a picture that can be proven because it’s not meant to be proven. This world is to be lived, and the one thing we need to do is have faith, to believe in something. And if you believe, that’s the key. That is everything to me, you will not take away the one pure thing that is left in this world that everybody tries to prove. There is no proof within it, there never will be, but to me there is faith.  I have my faith and believe with all my heart, nobody will ever take that away. When people say I’m a medium and I’m here to prove that there is life after death, that’s great, but I don’t need to prove that. That’s not why I’m here. I’m here to help people who are brought to me, so I can make them feel better. That’s it; I want to make them feel happy, I want them to walk out of that door and live the happiest life that can be, so proof doesn’t mean anything to me anymore.

If you are meant to feel the power of Spirit, if you are meant to understand that there’s more to life than eating, drinking, working, etc., you will one day and that time is what we call the divine moment. So, it’s not for me to try and prove spirituality, it is just to be here for the people who are drawn to me in the right moment.

Jessica: How did you get the name ‘Healer of Hearts’?

Mark: That was given to me by, I think, Arlene Cashman. A few people have said it, it’s like the accidental psychic, a few people have called me that. I don’t sort of call myself any of these, it’s just what people call me. I love that, ‘Healer of Hearts.’ I think it may sound a bit egoistic, but I’m a healer and I like to heal your heart. So, ‘Healer of Hearts,’ and there’s loads of us. Hey, I’m not the only one, there’s thousands of ‘Healer of Hearts’ out there. You know if I’m going to be categorized and put into a box, that’s the box I like – not psychic or medium. I like ‘Healer of Hearts,’ that’s beautiful.

1385352_3635831271548_1159683861_nJessica: What is the inspiration behind the book Diary of An Accidental Psychic?

Mark: Well, it isn’t to prove that there is life after death. It’s a really good question you’re asking because there’s a lot of inspiration in the book. It’s to try and help people, and that’s all I want. Within the book, there’s a lot of true stories; in fact, the book is about true stories of what’s happened to me with my clients. And in the stories there are amazing messages and these messages really help people. So, it’s not exactly inspiration of me writing, what really happened was the Universe had plans for me. Those plans were for me to meet certain people; to go through and experience what I went through, so then somebody can come along and say, “I want to help you write this book.” Then we write down everything that’s happened, and then that book then gets given to the right people to help in the right moment. Now isn’t that absolutely amazing?! How powerful is that?

I never envisioned in my mind that a guy, who’s got Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, would ever write a book. In fact, I didn’t write it. It was just a story; I gave the messages to a lady who wrote it all down. She was a Ghostwriter, put it altogether and it’s out there. It’s not my story; it’s the Universe, Spirits, and Mother Nature. It’s their story and what happens is what they do, not what I do.So, to say that we’re all one, is a better analysis than saying it’s my story. It’s our story, it’s what happens to us everyday, and a lot of people can connect to a lot of those stories.

Jessica: Tell us about the spiritual workshops.

Mark: Spiritual workshops are basically when people are ready to experience something more than just a reading or a healing. They want to actually feel how it works, and what they can do to become a healer, a reader, or whatever it may be they want to do along their journey. So, they come and experience the energy in the room, which is very healing for a full day. Then basically, listen to what I’ve got to say and what I say is what I’ve learned. So, I’m not really a teacher. I’m just sharing everything that I’ve learned; so all the little secrets, all the things I’ve picked up, the way I try and communicate, and try and balance myself to live. And all the right things that I think are pure. Then they continue on their journey. Touch wood, up til now we’ve had quite a few people who have come and progressed, and are really flying. One lady in Rome is doing absolutely amazing, and she is one of the best healers in Rome.

A message from Mark for all friends (NB: He likes to call all supporters his friends):

Just be aware that there is always going to be times when we feel down – Always. If you’re happy everyday, I’d be sending you to the doctors and be worried. So, we do our best to accept the days when we’re not feeling good and when there is negativity around us. The best way to handle that is get yourself out there, go into Mother Nature, go to the sea and just breathe. Just be with yourself, that is the best way to heal.



Interview with Shea Harris by Chase Von and Jessica Gilbert

Head shot_ patch

Up-and-Coming Talented Singer and Musician

Chase Von: Hey Shea and it was great talking with you! On behalf of the Student Operated Press and myself, thanks for finding the time to do this interview and sharing yourself with our readers here at the SOP!

I Learned of you through our mutual, lovely and talented friend Apachula, and you’re another truly unique soul yourself. So thanks again for squeezing this in!

Shea Harris: Thanks Chase. Glad to have the opportunity.

Jessica: It’s great to have you in Talent Spotlight Magazine as well. :-)

Shea Harris: Thank you so much Jessica. I am very fortunate to have this opportunity.

Chase Von: I have many questions for you, but before we get to those let’s start at the beginning…Where were you born, where did you grow up and how was your childhood?

I’ve also seen quite a few pictures of you on skate boards, motorcycle’s, horses, in a football uniform, which is not something you often see females in, so I’m stepping out on a limb here…

But were you, what is commonly referred to as, a Tom Boy? (smile).

Shea Harris: I was born in Los Angeles, CA…I lived in various cities in Orange County, California, and then spent a few high school years in Sweetwater, TN. My childhood was, needless to say, extreme and ever changing. Simply put, it was a beautifully broken path, illuminated with endless possibilities which spawned from the blessing of being multi-talented.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve believed there is nothing I cannot do, competitive with myself so…A born fighter yes, survivor yes, always up for an adventure you bet, dare-devil by birth right…Was I a Tom Boy? I don’t know. I am just me.

24339_421972659174_7382495_nChase Von: So no Barbie dolls for you? (Heh Heh). How long has music been a part of your life and was that something your parents instilled in you, or is it something you got into all on your own?

Also, how supportive is your family of your pursuing full-time as a career?

uhohEDITShea Harris: I didn’t have Barbies, but I did have some really kick ass GI Joes.

Music has been a part of my life since I can remember. As a very young child my mother would play guitar lullabies. I didn’t pick up a guitar until I was about sixteen. My friends and mentors support me living a healthy, happy lifestyle no matter what career choice, which is a blessing. I was not raised by family and have only a handful of estranged family members. I don’t know what they think exactly, in regards, to my music career to be quite honest.

Jessica: It’s wonderful that music has been a part of your life since a young age and you have all the support from friends and mentors. What do you love most about performing?

Shea Harris: I love that I get to put my energy out there. I love the rush and the vulnerability of putting myself out there. And I am quickly falling in love with being able to tell my story, and touch the hearts and minds of folks listening and dancing.

Jessica: What’s your process for writing lyrics?

Shea Harris: My song writing process is pretty scattered. I like to say that they come from the sky…lol, but really they just come out of nowhere, desperate napkin poems so to say. I will be playing a riff and all of a sudden start singing or speaking words, and try my best to write them down as they come. Now that I am starting to collaborate, it is more feeding off others energy and wisdom, trying to just channel the best music and messages possible.

Jessica: :-) Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?

Shea Harris: I get my inspirations from the struggles, successes of mankind, from my own struggles and accomplishments, from lost and gained love, and of course the beauty of our Mother Earth.

guitar_soprisChase Von: I remember you told me if you were cut, you would bleed country. (Smile). I grew up all over myself, but part of that was in the country as well. So, I occasionally write lyrics and when I’m done I look at them and think, that’s COUNTRY!

Truth of the matter is, it all depends on how they are sung, but country usually has something heartbreaking in it that we can all relate to. I can’t remember all you said, when I asked you to describe your music, but you’ve come up with your own vein. Can you share with our readers what you classify your music as, and also what they can expect to receive when they hear it?

Shea Harris: Yeah, I love country music even though I don’t sing it. It’s my feel good, pick-me-up music. Nothing better than grabbing a horse and going for a long walk…I say my music is “Enlightened Folk Hop,” which I guess would include artists such as: Lynx, Ani DiFranco and Goddess Alchemy Project, etc. Dear fans, listeners and readers; you can expect to hear, feel vibrations, truth, a bit of me in every song, lyrics worth listening to.

Chase Von: Blazing your own trail! (Smile). I use to be a Correctional Officer Shea. I remember one day I was leaving my apartment and four guys walked by and one of them was someone that had been in jail. And he was like…”OH! So, that’s where you live CO! That’s where you LIVE!”

I turned around, looked at them, locked my door and said, “I know where you live too Homes!”

He laughed and said, “No, you don’t, but I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!”

Roughly a week or so later, I was there when he was getting locked up again, and I said with a smile – “Welcome home Homey.”

He didn’t like that too much, but the reason I bring that up is, I have the ultimate respect for those that perform for our troops and those that go into prisons and entertain them as well. Is that something you would consider doing? The lovely Leah DeVon, whom I interviewed, did just that for the troops. And my friend, Glenn Brandon Burke often went into prisons to speak with those there and give them hope.

Both war and jail suck, so I’m just curious as to whether you might entertain, showing some love on those fronts?

Shea Harris: I would absolutely perform for troops and inmates. I have some close friends who served. One of them, Adam Macabe is doing amazing work through his non-profit, There’s also Tom Skinner of I’ve been blessed with amazing guardian angels, teachers and mentors; some who have been, at one time or another imprisoned, and therefore, I would absolutely perform in a correctional facility.

uhohperformance BLACK AND WHITEChase Von: That pleases my heart Shea, and also you work with horses all the time. How long have you been doing that and have you always had a special rapport with animals? And do you think that is because of your “American Indian Heritage”?

Shea Harris: I started riding horses in therapy when I was around seven to eight years old. I’ve always had an uncanny way of understanding and communicating with animals. It’s true, I believe it is a gift bestowed upon me by ancestors, as well as being a part of my nature.

Chase Von: I’m Black, Blackfoot, Cherokee and rumored in family lore to be a little French and I speak English, Black (yes, that is a language) (Smile). Bad Spanish and worse German, but my ability to speak animal has been increasing lately. I try, if I can to throw a little bread out for the sparrows when I can, and one day I stepped out on the porch and instead of hearing…Tweet, tweet, tweet…I heard, “Wheat, wheat, wheat!”

So, I went back in, got them some bread and one of them said, “Good thing you got us some wheat…Or we were going for the dog food!” (Smile).

Then there was the day I went from one side of my porch to the other and said, “What the…”Then I growled and it ran behind the air conditioner trying to get to the other side, but I got there first. Then it ran the other way and I chased it a little and said, use the tree. The cat looked back at me and said, “I don’t need the tree!” And leaped over the fence.

Later I felt bad about that. For a cat to eat the food of an over a hundred pound dog…That took guts or desperation. Had a collar on too. Were people feeding it? Was it abandoned? On a serious note, there’s a video of an elephant painting a picture of itself. Made me re-think who really did the cave man drawings. (Smile).

But how do you communicate with animals? Because working with horses can also be very dangerous. We all remember Christopher Reeves, the one who played Superman, who was horribly injured by a horse.

Shea Harris: For me the main way to communicate with animals is watching. You know? When you watch an animal you learn its language, and if you can read the animal than you can talk to it through your movements. Learning what it’s comfortable with and what it likes.

Desi MareChase Von: I always ask a tough one Shea, and in reading up on you, I saw where you were playing your guitar saying no to Prop 8. I’ve interviewed Nhojj, the amazing four octave singer, who has gone on to win many awards for his music and I didn’t even know he was gay when I interviewed him. I’ve also interviewed Bazhe, who wrote the amazing book Damages, which I would recommend to anyone.

Nhojj –

Bazhe –

What folks do in their bedroom I feel is their business. And what two adults choose has nothing to do with me. I believe in God, and I also believe that is something God will have to sort out, not me. After all, none of us are perfect, least of all me.

I do have some lines in the sand, so to speak. I have no tolerance for pedophiles or rapists. I also happen to be someone that reads and I know about hermaphrodites. It happens and…What are they suppose to choose? Again, what two adults choose to do is their business in my book, and also in my reading, I read Barbara Lewis’ Free and Female. And that is what convinced me, though others don’t have to share my beliefs, that females are the superior sex.

Men have parts on their body that don’t really work. I.e. Nipples. Pleasure points, but the reason for that is, that everyone starts out female and then goes through what is called an estrogen bath and that determines their sex.

So again, I don’t care what someones preference is. My world is good people, bad people, and I for one am happy that things are changing. So those who have different preferences, than say myself, can live freely because so many have died; been killed; or ostracized simply for being who they are.

It’s throughout history…Can you share one of your poems because that is something else I consider myself as well, a poet, and I was hoping you could share the one that inspired me to bring this up.

394199_10151238294839175_1617653378_nShea Harris: Sure, Chase.

Lord Help shelter me from this cold
Help me to uphold

A pure moral code

Lead me away from
My delight in sin

Restore pure light within my soul

Open my eyes to a better way

PLEASE do not condemn me for being gay

I’m an abomination before you this is true
I find happiness and truth in you…

By Shea Harris

All rights reserved

spirit momentChase Von: Something lighter Shea…I know you lead an active life style, but what are some of the things you do to stay in such great shape? And what are some of your favorite meals?

Shea Harris: I enjoy activities like skiing, surfing and skateboarding. I find riding horses without a saddle to be a great work out. My favorite low impact year-round activity is hiking. My favorite meal is actually blending a bunch of leafy vegetables, a beet or two, and a platter of various fruits.

Chase Von: Who are some of the people you admire and look up to in the music world, poetic world and just the world in general Shea?

Shea Harris: In the music world, I’d have to say: Tracy Chapman, Ani DiFranco, Lynx and Willie Nelson.

In the poetry world, I am inspired by: Wade Newsome, Ronnie Lee Daise, and Lemon Anderson, who I got the chance to read alongside and listen to in Carbondale, CO.

In the general world, I admire all who have taught me valuable lessons. Those who have, at one time or another, mentored me: Autumn Hollyfield, Laura Janes, Lauri Burns, my favorite Captain Susie Campbell, Annie MacAulay, etc.

Chase Von: How important are dreams to you? And what would you say if you were standing before a microphone that could be heard by every child on the planet, and regardless of what language they spoke, they would understand you? What positive advice would you give the children, if that were possible?

Shea Harris: Dreams are everything, but without deadlines are pretty useless I feel. Be you, shine, know that you can do anything, achieve your own greatness with hard work and perseverance. We are all beautiful and no flower in a forest compares itself to another flower, so just be you and grow!

freedom 3wholeJessica: If you had the power to do something in the world today, what would it be and why?

Shea Harris: Wow. Well, I would fulfill my dream which is to open in every state, starting with the U.S., a living and vocational training facility that will house former and current homeless foster youth. An academy, if you will, without a religious bias that would teach subjects such as bio-diesel tech, solar and wind tech, sustainable agriculture and other sustainable vocations. Ideally, partnering with companies who would help certify and employ these former, foster youth.

Jessica: What is one of your favorite quotes (or lines) that inspires you?

Shea Harris: “All my life was spent like a dreamer, I worked to make my dreams come true…I need you like the flowers need they need dew, baby here I am there are you.”

Those are lyrics my mother Sherry wrote when she passed; I forgot all of her, except the sound of her voice when she sang. Music can truly immortalize people.

There is much to be said about the lyrics she wrote. I believe we all need like flowers, to be nurtured a little in order to grow, and we must work to actualize our dreams.

Chase Von: Can you share any of your web pages or places where people can find you to learn more about you?

Shea Harris: They can find me here, Chase, and catch my posts and updates on FB as well. (Smile).

Chase Von: Wishing you mountains of success Shea and I’m looking forward to hearing your audio interview with Judyth Piazza! Blessings to you, and do keep in touch, and thanks again for sharing yourself with our readers here at the SOP!

Shea Harris: Thank you Chase and I too look forward to interviewing with Judyth Piazza. Many blessings to you. Much thanks to SOP for having me.

Jessica: And I wish you nothing but the very best of luck with everything in the future! Keep shining and being YOU.

Shea Harris: Thank you so very much, Jessica!


Interview with Lior Immanuel Fischer by Jessica Gilbert


Multi-talented Artist

Lior Immanuel Fischer is from Zurich, Switzerland and is involved in all types of activities, which truly makes him multi-talented! His art has been featured in exhibitions and publications, plus his art page has over 35,000 followers.

Jessica: Lior, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do an interview for TSM.

Lior: The pleasure is mine.

Jessica: As I know, you are a man who entertains diverse activities and an extraordinary artist. What was it originally, that peaked your interest in the world of art? When did you start?

Lior: My fascination for art started at a very young age.  When I work on pieces of art, it is a very intense experience and I have many memories from my childhood working on different art projects and competitions.

995675_10151682725221131_96497630_n copyJessica: Can you recall your very first painting?

Lior: I started experimenting with painting and sculpturing when I was about five years of age. I can remember one of my first abstract paintings, I split the Canvas into about thirty-two squares and painted a different composition in each one. When I was eleven I got involved with silk painting. I remember very well where and when I painted my first silk art piece. It’s in my gallery and called Waterfall. I very much enjoyed exploring my creativity through this and always enjoyed art as long as I can remember. This is just who I was all my life, an affection that has not diminished.

THIS IS WATERFALL FIRST SILK PAINTINGJessica: Tell us about your art background. When did you first start exhibiting your work?

Lior: At around eleven, I participated in an Art School. After several interactions with silk painting I developed a passion for it. After I decided to take part in a silk painting class, that school placed me in a course with adults because an older age group was more suiting. After participating in the art classes and learning different techniques and methods, soon I started to develop my own techniques and ways to paint. I started mixing different chemicals and colours to create new effects. Soon the other students took interest. I was asked to showcase my art in the schools restaurant and lounge for an art exhibition. This was my first experience in exhibiting my art and showing it to a wider audience. The many years to follow I would develop my skills working with different media and art tools, participate in exhibitions, art projects and further define my style.

EVE IN ITS BEAUTY _ By Lior IMMANUEL SILK ARTJessica: When did you get involved with selling your work?

Lior: The art always had more value to me than money. I had many requests to sell my paintings to doctors and bankers when I was around twelve, but no matter how many thousands of Dollars they offered me, I always rejected the offers. My emotional connection was too strong and I simply could not separate from my art. They were part of who I was and I could not give them away.

Soon I started painting ties, bow ties, cases for glasses, pillow cases, silk scarves, umbrellas and all kind of things. People would ask me to make them special ties and scarves for themselves, or in order to present them as birthday gifts. I can remember a special tie I made for a lawyer who loved the Rolling stones; it was a blue tie with the rolling stones symbol on it. A pulled out tongue and blue shiny fireworks around it. During this time I was at the gymnasium in Switzerland and the class teacher ordered a tie from me as well. When I look back to this times they make me smile. I don’t think everyone can say that they’ve sold to their teacher. :-) My bow ties became very popular, and a shop owner I knew asked me to display them in her clothing store, so I let her sell them as well.

Art by moi, Lior Immanuel Fischer _-) Yes I am proJessica: I know that the art you produce explores the psychological effect colours can have on the human mind and mood. Can you explain in more detail?

Lior: Colours have a very strong impact on human emotion. Each colour has a different effect on us and can create a different mood. When I mix my colours I think of what mood I want to create and how I want the viewer to feel when looking at my painting. Often you will discover in my art a hidden deeper message or something to further think about.

Jessica: Who are some of your favourite artists?

Lior: Chagall, Hundert Wasser, Van Gough, Margret, Gauguin, Monet, Leonardo Da Vinci, Andy Warhol, Munch and Dali had a strong impact on me.

156331_10150109785251131_536491130_7968918_5243128_nJessica: When did you get involved with photography?

Lior: I have been doing art photography for quiet some time. Around seven years ago though, I started to get more into photography when I was doing photo shoots for music artists, designing CD Covers and writing lyrics.

Jessica: Tell us about Modern Art Online, and art publications.

Lior: Modern Art Online started around five years ago when I decided to produce lithographs of my paintings. It is a virtual gallery where people can view modern art and purchase it.

Latest publication featuring my work is in the OCTOBER 1st 2013 publication of “GOLF SAYINGS: wit & wisdom of a good walk spoiled” It is the second publication in a book, sold internationally, including my art work.

64434_155461441152393_7172565_nJessica: You also are part of a magazine called The Spotlight Magazine (in English) and are an event planer. Tell us about the magazine, how long has it been out and how often do articles come out?

Lior: The Spotlight Magazine is a Swiss Magazine, in German, its  called Im Scheinwerfer. Im Scheinwerfer started five years ago in Zurich, Switzerland –; it was the first Swiss online critic magazine for musicals. Several years later, we now offer a wide range of reviews about the newest events: From musicals to opera, from concerts to film, and more. I write reviews and additionally hold Interviews with prominent individuals. Our magazine Imscheinwerfer brings out articles on a regular basis in German. We also conduct articles in English for our International readers. We are currently writing reviews on shows and events in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, London, New York and Los Angeles.

998519_1391048124446145_1433528305_nJessica: What about your singing and songwriting? When did you start to feel drawn to it?

Lior: It’s been my passion for many years to sing, write poetry and song lyrics. My parents are both lawyers, but my father and my mother have both been into arts. My mother sang opera and did ballet dancing. And I used to wake up to Chopin played by my mother on her piano.

My father would repeatedly take me along to musical shows around the world. I think my passion for music started back then and I can recall how I started memorizing all the lyrics to Les Misérables. I liked the lyrics very much and identified with them. Song lyrics have always been an inspiration for me and there is much one can learn from certain song lyrics about life. I started to get more into songwriting professionally, after one of my poems and song lyrics, “Addicted to Paradise” won an award in a worldwide writing competition. Writing is a way for me to express my feelings and my thoughts. I am currently working on a number of exciting projects.

1003415_590914524273747_771899728_nJessica: If you had the power to do something in the world today, what would it be and why?

Lior: Due to my art work and research on how colours affect the human mind. I would like to encourage the opening of Art Therapy institutions around the world; to help children and adults suffering, in order to handle there difficulties and health problems. It is my plan for the future to get more involved in PR stunts and to do art projects that span entire cities.

Jessica: What is one of your favourite quotes (or lines) that inspires you?

Lior: I especially like one quote I have once written: “Everything is and one day was, so don’t waste your life before it’s the past.”

evrythingJessica: Anything else you’d like to share? And where can our readers find out more about you and your work?

Lior: You can read more about me and my marketing work on
Art Website:
My art Page on Facebook:

Jessica: Thanks again for doing this interview. It has been such a pleasure interviewing you, and wish you the best of luck with everything in the future.

Lior: Thank You. I enjoyed doing this interview with you, and if any of your readers are interested to know more about my work, or to connect with me feel free to contact me through my Facebook page –


Interview with Kristyna Myles by Jessica Gilbert

Kristyna Myles Album Cover Image HighRes


Kristyna Myles is no stranger to the big stage and a songstress whose currency is rapidly increasing, thanks to the success of two highly acclaimed singles, prior to the release of her debut album Pinch Me Quick, recorded with Grammy award winning producer Ken Nelson (Coldplay, Paolo Nutini).

Discovered playing the streets of Manchester, Kristyna went on to win BBC Radio 5 Live’s Busker of the Year competition and artists she has opened for include: Will Young, Lisa Stansfield, The Wanted, Mick Hucknall, Nile Rogers and Chic. Other career highlights include appearing live at SXSW in the US and touring Europe with Chris De Burgh.

(Taken from Official website…for more, visit her website)

Jessica: Kristyna, great to have you back in TSM for a follow-up, and hear all about the exciting things you’ve been up to since we last talked.

Kristyna: Hi Jessica, thanks so much for having me back! I can’t believe it’s been two years since we last chatted! I’ve been blessed with some fantastic experiences since then and have also learned some valuable lessons.

Jessica: Initially, I know you were signed on a major label, but became Indie. Nowadays, I think that being on a major record label isn’t always the best, as bigger doesn’t always mean better. What made you decide to just go Indie?

Kristyna: I definitely agree with you there. For some people a major label is the way forward but for me it wasn’t meant to be. I’m very grateful for the opportunity DECCA gave me and some incredible doors opened because of that – I got to record my dream album with my band and Grammy award winning producer Ken Nelson (Coldplay, Paolo Nutini), and met some amazing people who I wouldn’t have necessarily met otherwise, but we parted company in 2013; they hadn’t released the album in the three-year period since they signed me and I knew I needed to progress.

Jessica: It’s really wonderful that your long-awaited debut album Pinch Me Quick is out now! Tell us about it and the inspiration behind the title.

Kristyna: Thank you! I’m so happy to have Pinch Me Quick out! I started my own label and released it in March this year. I really felt I owed it to my band, to Ken and to all my amazing supporters to get the album out. The album spans a ten year period of writing, as it’s my first album and some tracks that made it on had been written since I was sixteen! They’re all about life lessons I’ve learned or observed from friends and family. ‘Pinch Me Quick’ is a line from one of the songs “Wouldn’t Change A Thing,” which I wrote with a fantastic American writer Stefan Litrownik when I was in L.A. It’s all about how you wouldn’t change someone, flaws and all, they’re simply perfect the way they are. I thought the title would also reflect how I was feeling about the release of my album – I had to pinch myself, I was finally able to get it out there! Also there are those ‘pinch me quick’ moments on the album with songs like “Sorrow” and “Betrayal,” which are the moments in life that take your breath away in a bad sense, and on the flip side songs like “Stay With Me,” which is about the realization you just couldn’t be happier than when you’re chilling with your loved one.

Jessica: Your song “The Paris Match” by the song’s writer Paul Weller has been described as “absolutely stunning.” It is a really beautiful version that is unique and I love it! Generally, I know that you record your own original songs, so what is it about this particular song that you love? Any story behind the song

Kristyna: Thanks so much! I’m so glad you like my version. I was over the moon when I saw the text Paul Weller had written when he’d heard my re-working of his song and I’ve had so much positive feedback from Style Council fans too. Yeah, you’re totally right, this is the first cover I’ve recorded. I always feel I should perform songs I’ve had a key involvement in, particularly in the writing process, whether that’s co-writing or writing by myself as I need to express the sentiment in the song. I’m yet to hone my acting skills, so I need to perform subject matters I’ve experienced, or have great knowledge in; I think people can tell immediately if you’re being fake in a performance.

I had the opportunity of working with Steve White (the drummer  from The Style Council and Paul Weller’s drummer). I was a guest singer on his tour of thirty years in the industry. We performed tracks he had been involved in over the years and one song he asked me to sing was “The Paris Match.” I thought it was a stunning song with a beautifully, haunting melody along with a very unusual chord progression. I loved it! It was about Weller’s break up with a previous band member. I’ve experienced heart ache and knew I could tap into that when performing. Our performance of “The Paris Match” on tour had such a great response that Steve’s fans suggested I release our version as a single. I jumped at the chance and it was the first song to be released on my label. I received so many positive responses on social media, it was well worth it! Plus it was a new recording to add to the album I recorded with Ken.

Kristyna Done HighRes-9Jessica: Do you have a favorite original song you’ve recorded and why?

Kristyna: I recorded a new song called “Heaven Knows,” which I wrote with my friend, Jess Cook for an upcoming program for BBC 1 Songs Of Praise. Do you get any BBC programs in The States? It’ll be aired August 24th on BBC 1 over here in the UK. It’s a song that means a lot to me because of my journey. I felt like all my Christmas’ had come at once when I signed to DECCA, only to feel really super low when we parted company. I thought my value was in being a signed artist, I know now that’s not where my value is! This song is saying, although we don’t necessarily know which way our path is going in life and sometimes a few diversion signs pop up, Heaven does and I believe God has a plan and purpose for everyone; plans to give us hope and a future.

Jessica: What do you love the most about performing?

Kristyna: Wow, that’s a toughie! The best aspect is the response from the audience when a song has touched them or helped them in any way. I’ve been blessed that people have shared their journeys with me and that particular songs have helped them through tough times. “I’m not going back” has been one of those songs that people have taken on for themselves as their anthem – they’re not going back to a place in their life that was stopping them from fulfilling their full potential. That’s why I write songs and perform to get that connection, and the hope that I can help people with my music.

Jessica: You’re an Ambassador for the homeless charity Centrepoint. Tell us a bit about it. When and how did you get involved with it?

Kristyna: Centrepoint is an incredible charity who give hope and a future to young homeless people. There are 80,000 young people in the UK alone who experience homelessness every year. Being homeless is sometimes a reality because of making one wrong decision or not having the support from family or friends. I was invited to perform at the Centrepoint sleep-out, where thousands of people raise money to sleep rough on the streets of London and to make everyone aware that this is the harsh reality for many young people. Centrepoint provides incredible support, the young people are not only given a roof over their heads, but they’re given counseling, guidance and the opportunity of taking their school exams. A percent of my single sales from “The Paris Match” went to the cause, and I also went busking around the UK with my guitarist and good friend Ben Williams.

Jessica: Anything else you’d like to share with all our TSM readers? And where can people connect and find out more about you?

Kristyna: I’ll soon be starting a pledge campaign to fund my second album. If you’d like to get involved please sign up to my newsletter at, and I’ll let you know about exclusive pledges and when the album will be out! I’m also on Twitter – and, and I’d love to hear from you.

Jessica: Thanks so much for doing this interview and wish you success with all that you do in the future.

Kristyna: An absolute pleasure Jessica, thanks so much for asking me. Look forward to catching up soon, hopefully a bit sooner next time!

Kristyna Done HighRes-12